“Your Lips are Water”

Written by Aya Telmissany 

“And immerse me in rivers of your musings…”

“Your Lips are Water”

Your lips are water

Running down my body

Bathing me

And making me anew.

When you speak

You water the cactus in my mind

And immerse me

In rivers of your musings.

As I write this

My ears are still dripping

From the last time we talked

And on this damp paper

You’ve become my ink.

About Aya Telmissany

I am a 22 year old AUCian, an English and Comparative Literature major, a Creative Writing minor and a poet. I am a fiction writer here at CairoContra. I basically read and when I’m not reading I am either buying books, sniffing books, looking up some new books online, taking pictures of my books (and my dog), or writing books (at least that’s what I hope I’m doing).

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