Your friends are playing it, it has tournaments in the malls, it’s entered marketing campaigns — it’s PUBG, and it has taken Cairo by storm.

Even those who never play games at all are playing it, and we’re starting to see people who are so obsessed with the game that they barely put it down. It’s borderline addictive! For the last few people in Cairo who haven’t played PUBG, and don’t plan to, I wanted to take a moment and explain: Why is PUBG such a craze? Why has everyone gone nuts over it? I asked a few people what they had to say about it.

I’m here to kick butt and chew bubblegum

It’s fun to play with friends

The biggest appeal of PUBG, I find, is that it’s really fun to play with your friends. If you’re having a gathering at someone’s house, or even if everyone is in their separate place and are talking over the live chat, it’s always appealing to take on enemies with your friends by your side! (Or maybe they’re laughing at you every time you fail — friends, am I right?)

Now I can kick butt without ever getting up!

It’s available as a mobile app

According to Eslam, a PUBG player, “The game is popular maybe because it can be played on everything now — computer and mobile phone and playstation — anytime and anywhere.” That’s right; you don’t need a game console or even a computer to play; all you need is your phone. Since your phone is with you all day, every day, then all you need is a data package to be able to play pretty much anywhere — in transit, at college, at the dinner table, etc. Playing from the comfort of your own mobile phone is a big appeal.

Five minutes of playing PUBG, and the guy thinks he’s a sniper

It’s free

And don’t we all just love free things? Ahmed M. , another player, told me “The main attraction of PUBG is that it’s free and addicting, and the gameplay is nice… the cross team conversation is live, so it’s fun!” There are lots of games out there that might be more interesting, look nicer, or just be better all around, but free games are risk-free and require no commitment. You can download it and never play it, and you won’t be any worse off.

Are fireworks supposed to happen??

It’s fun even if you suck

The map of PUBG is so big, and there are so many players playing at the same time, that often the weirdest and funniest things happen! You can find your character flipping randomly through the air, or even an explosion stopping directly in front of you. With all that’s going on, the game is filled with ‘WTF?’ moments that are really funny. Playing PUBG non-competitively can be the most fun way to play!

Mama, just killed a man

It’s competitive

But, of course, there’s still those of us who are too competitive to let it go. Who doesn’t want to emerge victorious among 100 other people? You also have three ratings in PUBG: overall, win, and kill. Seeing your name in the top 50 in your region is like a siren call that won’t let go. Then once it’s up there, you have to keep playing to keep it there. See the cycle?

What do you think?

Why do you play PUBG? Do you play casually with friends, or are you the competitive type who MUST WIN AT ALL COSTS? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!