Written by Rawan Mamdouh

Cairo Contra offers its sincerest condolences for the families and friends of those who died in today’s attacks. May their souls rest in peace.


On the first week of April we witnessed social media trends that featured more than enough April Fools’ pranks to mess with us, our suits going local, Ed Sheeran mentioning Egypt in a 6-second video, and painful sexual harassment stories under one hashtag…Here’s a list of what’s trending:

1) #The_Joke_Is_On_You

a) Scoop Empire claimed that Khaled Abol Naga, an Egyptian actor, had been cast for a role on the famous TV show Game of Thrones. In blink of an eye, the news went viral. As much as we wanted him to join the golden cast, it was just another April Fools’ prank.

b) Is this a joke or for real? We laughed, but we weren’t supposed to.

طب دة نعمله sad story بدل ما نروح العزا ؟

Geplaatst door Akram Mahmoud El Bezawy op Maandag 3 april 2017

People mourn and process pain in different ways, but we didn’t know a social media story was one of them. Shady Srour was mocked by most social media users for the absurd post.

2) #Concreticons

Local fashion brand and manufacturer Concrete is encouraging us to go local with our shopping while making women stare at billboards! Egypt’s finest celebrities: Aly Mazhar, Ramy Ashour, Ahmed Hatem, and Asser Yassin were chosen to be featured in a photoshoot which headed Concrete’s biggest campaign. Concrete has raised the bar for men’s elegance; but, men hilariously reacted by sticking with Mohamed Henedy’s iconic yellow suit.



This by far is Concrete’s smartest marketing campaign: Egyptian women’s celebrity crushes were chosen to catch those same women’s attention, because no guy would go suit shopping without his girl’s help! It’s no secret that, mostly, the woman gets the last word in styling even in men’s fashion too. She is the one who is supposed to be targeted by the commercials.

دي campaign كونكريت الجديدة واللي مالية الشوارع بالbillboardsالسؤال هنا : هو التارجت male wla female😃

Geplaatst door Muhamed Hamdi op Maandag 3 april 2017

3) #NRJ_Egypt

French radio station NRJ just launched in Egypt, playing Arabic and English hits. We were granted a 6-second teaser clip, that has made us Happier, of Ed Sheeran saying hi to Egypt and asking us to listen to NRJ. Speaking as a huge fan, a 6-sec clip does not have an effect on me but a visit to Egypt would have…

ُ Ed Sheeran Talk – NRJ Egypt Launch 2017

شوف Ed Sheeran قال ايه فى حفل انطلاق NRJ Egypt أول إذاعة مزيكا فى العالم بالمصرى 🎤🎼 . اسمعونا على 92.1 اف ام . #المزيكا_لعبتها #HitMusicOnly #NRJ

Geplaatst door NRJ Egypt op Woensdag 5 april 2017

4) #E3rafli

Vodafone Egypt releases a new application, E3rafli (Guide me), for the blind and visually impaired. Using mobile phones’ cameras and microphones, the app’s features range from identifying colours and numbers to a scanning system for credit recharge, taximeters, and cashier screens.

The commercial promised us something helpful and useful, and we hope the service will be so.

تطبيق اعرفلي للمكفوفين و ضعاف البصر

ڤودافون عملت تطبيق اعرفلي للمكفوفين و ضعاف البصراللي بيه هتعد فلوسك بكل سهولة وتشحن كروت ڤودافون و تقرأ الارقام على شاشات التاكسي او الكاشير الرقمية وكمان هتختار الالوان على مزاجك. نزل تطبيق إعرفلي دلوقتيHttp://vf.eg/e3rafli

Geplaatst door Vodafone Egypt op Vrijdag 31 maart 2017

5) #The_First_Time_I_Was_Sexually_Harassed_My_Age_Was

A trauma which around 95% of Egyptian women have gone through, yet no one speaks up or does something about the harassment those women have to suffer from. Sharing their stories on social media, breaking our hearts through every word, and revealing the darkest secrets of society, the survivors are hoping to break the silence on the issue.

Bonus: Funny Screenshots

Girls’ reactions to some guys’ message requests:


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