Written by: Rawan Mamdouh

There is no shortfall in content from our social media feeds. This week includes award winners, testing Egyptians skiing skills for the first time, and some anti-feminist billboards…? The next headlines are the highlights of the week.

1) #What_About_Oscars_2017?

In addition to our own coverage of the Oscars and its fashion, Egyptians, beyond doubt, had a distinct perspective on the eventful Oscars night. From the dresses to the winners, we have added our own reviews on the fashion, the wave of cheers to Emma Stone for winning Best Actress on her La La Land role, and following the cutest couples’ red carpet moments.




Check out this video from CairoScene as well capturing guys’ reactions to the Oscars fashion.

Egyptian Men React to Oscars Fashion

Egyptian men hilariously react to dresses at the Oscars. *FULL VERSION*"We have a curtain at home that looks like Emma Stone."

Geplaatst door Cairo Scene op Dinsdag 28 februari 2017


We didn’t participate with our talents this year; but if we had, this is who we were going to send:

Oscar Winner

لينا حد في الكونترول قالنا نتيجة الأوسكار

Geplaatst door The Glocal op Zondag 26 februari 2017


2) #MallOfEgypt #SkiEgypt

On the 2nd of March, one of the Middle East’s biggest malls opened right here in Egypt! Mall of Egypt is located in 6th of October City; its photos are going viral on social media, especially those of its snow park and ski slopes, which are some of the largest in the region. Following their initial fascination, Egyptians went crazy after seeing the price list; that has shoved them back to reality. You just can’t have Dubai’s activities without their prices too.

We should call it Mall of the Elite though; with the hectic economic state, those who can afford playing in the snow have either been saving up their salaries for months or just have money to blow.


3) #Foffa

We swear we love you!

Fifi Abdou’s posts give us the exact dosage of laughter we need everyday. She lives in her own la la land. This video is a reminder that age is just a number. She has the perfect dress and dancing skills to pull it off:



Some people were surprised to notice this and other similar billboards popping up.



Turns out they’re a part of Sunny’s campaign, which is aiming to wipe misconceptions and infamous sayings about Egyptian women. However, targeting women as the focus of their campaign by using the most disgraceful names society used to oppress women for so long was a very bad move. Their billboards were an epic fail; but, their digital ad was touching and shared an important message.


من زمان مرسوم لك طريق لازم تفضلي فيه، حتي مصيرك كتبوه في امثال اتورثت جيل بعد جيل….لكن جمالك و اصرارك و روحك كسّروا كل القوالب و الامثال، و فعلا أثبتّي إنِّك……..#انتي_المثل

Geplaatst door Sunny op Vrijdag 3 februari 2017


Bonus: Meme of the week…

Asa7be Sarcasm Society was on a roll this week and we just had to feature two of their content.



When Your Jam is On:

كوريااVideo Made by : Fekry Mohamed

Geplaatst door Asa7be Sarcasm Society op Donderdag 2 maart 2017


What are your thoughts?
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