Written by Alaa A. Rahman

Hello, everyone! This is Alaa, covering for my colleague Rawan on this week’s article of “What’s Trending”.

This week, social media was, as always, very productive when it comes to interesting videos, hilarious posts, and very engaging topics. Here’s this week’s list of the trendiest material we’ve found on the internet:



و دول اتنين ماخافوش من نظرة الناس ليهم و قرروا يبسطوهم النهاردة. #من_غير_فلترة في المترو.#thisisEgyptAhmed Nihad Nagham Eldeeb

Geplaatst door Amr Adil op Zaterdag 18 maart 2017


As we all know, Egyptians have a flare for fun, music, and chilling. So, if you happened to be riding the metro on the 18th of March 2017, you might have met these two Egyptians who felt the sudden urge to get out their guitars, warm up their vocal chords and sing for the people on the metro. The song is called “أنتيكة“ and, to no one’s surprise, everyone joined the chorus. You can catch the video on Amr Adil’s Facebook page. This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!



A group of Zamalek residents have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness against private businesses which are apparently destroying the beloved island. On their Facebook page titled “Save Zamalek الزمالك تنتفض”, residents have called out against floating restaurants and unregistered cafes, under the pretext that they crowd out the island, bring about harassment, and expose the increasing rates of corruption and bribery that lead to unregistered restaurants and cafes being built. Scoop Empire has a story on the campaign which you can read here.

#Mothers_Are_No_1 (#الأم_رقم1)


الأم لو عليها تعمل أي حاجة مكانك ..أنت كمان اعملها حاجة في عيد الأمدلوقتي كل استخدامك من دقايق و رسايل و ميجابيتس هيروح زيه هدية لست الحبايب كل يوم للاشتراك اطلب # رقم الموبايل الأم*17* كل سنة و كل ام طيبة #الأم_رقم1للمزيد كلم 800 أو زور https://goo.gl/GDHcVCتطبق الشروط والأحكام

Geplaatst door Vodafone Egypt op Maandag 20 maart 2017


Mother’s Day was celebrated on the 21st of March, this past Tuesday, and everyone was in mother-loving mode – especially Vodafone, with its tribute to mothers in this touching video. The idea behind the video is that if mothers had it their way, they would take their children’s places, if it meant it would make things easier for the children. So, why not on Mother’s Day do something for her if it means making things easier for her and making her happy…? It’s a very beautiful video with a touching message which we need to be aware of: we will do anything to make our mothers happy.



Social media figure Nurhan Abou Bakr stirred a lot of controversy this week at the UN’s Women Assembly by stating that the woman’s strength is not equal to that of 100 men, but that of a million strong woman. What made me roll my eyes were two things:

  1. Why measure the strength of women to that of men in order to quantify it? Why not mention that women are women; that they are strong in their own way without having to resort to useless comparisons? This Facebook page shared my exact sentiment; while applauding Nurhan on her effort, they also saw that women are not a unit of measurement but beautiful creatures on their own.
  2. Being a man myself, and a feminist at heart, I still don’t get it why men always find a way to make it all about them. Like this ‘meninist’ who thought it’s funny, or politically correct, to take Nurhan’s words and turn them into a messed up mathematical equation that has a man’s strength measure up to be equal to that of 10,000 strong women. What!? I may have missed the point of his post but that is just plain stupid.


Lumiere's Dress Rehearsal – 360 Video

Pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents: Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal 🕯Watch the 360 video, powered by Oculus Studios, or see the VR experience in the Oculus Store before you see Lumiere’s full production in theatres now.See more: http://ocul.us/Disney-Movies-VR-Rift

Geplaatst door Beauty and the Beast op Vrijdag 17 maart 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or two, Beauty and the Beast just came out last weekend and it’s causing quite a stir with the musical community, as well as Disney fans. The Beauty and Beast Facebook page just shared a 360 degree video of the “Be Our Guest” sequence, and it’s just whimsically amazing. If you haven’t seen the movie, then this video is sure to get you more excited for it; if you have seen it, well why don’t you pull up a chair and relive this moment?

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