Written by Rawan Mamdouh

This week, social media shows great promise of fantastic events showcasing the achievements and work of women, popular apps which have taken the social media by storm, and of course that Egyptian commentary and humor that bring trends to life.

We divided the trending topics into hashtags, and here are our top choices for this week:

1) #Cairo_International_Women’s_Film_Festival:

It really is the year for women! The 10th Cairo International Women’s Film Festival (March 4-9) is creating social media buzz with its updates. The event taking place from March 4th till the 9th will feature films from over 30 countries in different continents, participating with 53 various films. We’re especially looking forward to watching the Egyptian film One Week and Two Days premiering on the last day; it is written and directed by Marwa Zein and starring Yasmin Rais and Amro Saleh. Follow “The 7th Art” for Cairo Contra’s upcoming coverage of the #CIWFF. You could also follow Cairo International Women’s Film Festival either through their website or their Facebook page.

2) #JustDoIt:

In other more women-related news, Nike’s campaign which poses the question, “What will they say about you?” fueled interest. Nike is not only selling shoes and sportswear, but it is also offering food for thought. It shows Middle Eastern girls practicing their sports of choice in the city; you can see the judgmental stares of those around, but also the women’s proud smiles as well as looks of hope and determination. A voice of doubt versus a voice of assurance, you can tell that those are women with big dreams and they managed to pursue them.

Great effort trying to extend to every Middle Eastern Women? No! Actually, if they were addressing ALL young Arab women, then why haven’t they reflected me, they haven’t reflected Egyptians, they haven’t reflected North Africans and they haven’t reflected Levantine women; but they definitely went straight to the soul of Khaleeji women. If this campaign was meant for ALL Middle Eastern women, where are they?

3) #Sarahah:

In all honesty, did people need another app to make them value others’ opinions more than they value themselves?

During the last couple of weeks, posts such as, “Comment your honest opinion of me,” and some more similar ones surfaced on Facebook. An invention known as the Sarahah [Honesty] app; which is an application, where you make an account, share its link, and people send you messages anonymously.

Close enough to ask.fm…?


Truthful clarifications are crucial; Zayn Al Abiden Tawfik, a Saudi programmer who is the founder of the app, claimed that he wanted to give the opportunity for employees to say their candid conceptions of their bosses without the fear of losing their jobs.

The world carries such massive cruelty. The amount of hate messages spread through it and the ugliness of it should make us aware that this needs to stop. A face to face confrontation would have been so much better anyway, wouldn’t it?

This is the only girl who used it to her advantage though…


4) #Whatsapp_Update:

Whatsapp messenger has updated itself into sort of a Snapchat mode. 

To update a status, it will be posted for 24 hours only. You can also see who viewed it. Stalkers will be known! We are not happy about it.


5) #StopTheWait:


Argentinian football star Lionel Messi visited Egypt for the “Tour n’ Cure” campaign, promoting affordable Hepatitis C treatment as well as tourism. The campaign’s name is to treat patients immediately rather than putting them on waiting lists. 

However, Egyptians’ sense of sarcasm couldn’t let this one slide.


Bonus: Meme of the week goes to…

When you have to agree to nonsense.


What are your thoughts?

How was your week on social media? Any more insane trends? Posts you can’t get rid of? Share with us your insights in the comments below. Join the conversation using the hashtags!