Written by: Rawan Mamdouh

Easter memes are all over our newsfeeds, creative artists are sharing their art on social media, and Morgan Freeman can’t forget about Egyptians’ driving skills. Here’s the list of this week’s trendiest hashtags:

1) #Happy_Easter

Celebrating the coming of spring by posting photos of colourful Easter eggs, DIY ideas to follow the tradition in a non-traditional way, photos of friends and family on picnics and trips to Egypt’s beaches and gardens, and snaps of family gatherings around their favourite Sham ElNessem dish: smoked herring fish, a.k.a. ringa.

طريقة تلوين بيض شم النسيم

كل سنة وإنتوا طيبين! هاتلونوا بيض شم النسيم #إزاي؟ فيديو النهاردة طريقة جديدة للألوان ولرسم أشكال كمان!شوفوه وقولولنا رأيكمقناتنا على اليوتيوب: https://goo.gl/6ul0tk

Geplaatst door ‎Ezzay – إزاي‎ op Zondag 16 april 2017


أنا دمى ده.. بيجرى فيه رنجة و فسيخ و بصل أخضر 😀

Geplaatst door Alaa Mansour op Maandag 17 april 2017

You could be one of the “sleep-in squad” at home, readying yourself for the next working day while you look at posts which ask, “Why do we colour eggs for the Easter holiday?” and, “What do cute-looking bunnies have to do with that?” As an active part of this squad, I would like to tell you the following:

1- We celebrate Sham ElNessem because it is fun, and also a Pharaonic tradition passed on from our ancestors.

2- There is no logical relation found between bunnies and colouring eggs, but they are cute so why not?


2) #Art_Is a_Way_of_Survival

a- Cairo Starry Night

Magically, Mohamed Karam created Cairo’s version of the renowned Vincent Van Gogh painting Starry Night with one of the mesmerizing captures of Cairo’s Downtown beautiful nights. The photo was shared by the popular Facebook page ‘Art is a way of survival’.

Cairo Starry night

Geplaatst door Mohamed Karam op Dinsdag 18 april 2017


b- No Credits? 

Earlier this week, the same page shared Mahmoud Soliman’s artwork, a talented Egyptian artist who is well-known but his unique visual pieces on Facebook are often shared without crediting him. Even though they cropped his watermark from the original photo, his admirers recognized his work on the spot, and comments were fired complaining about the situation which led the page to give him credit for his work later.


3) #SignSong

صباح الخير..دى اسراء. أول طبيبة أسنان "صماء" في مصر. قصتها شفتها على BBC Stories وهى قصة ملهمة وراها أم عظيمة.اسراء…

Geplaatst door Mohamed Mansour op Vrijdag 14 april 2017

Following the successful story of the first deaf Egyptian dentist, which was recently covered by the CNN, a beautiful harmony was recreated using sign language. Mohamed Mounir’s legendary song “3ali Sotak“ [Raise Your Voice] was performed using sign language by numerous celebs, such as Dorra Zarrouk, Sherif Ramzy, Hesham Maged, Rasha Mahdi, Sara Sabry, Malak El Husseiny, Osama Elhady, and others.

This awareness campaign is held by “Pick A Street” which teamed up with “Waslet Kheir’’ to help hearing-impaired children to hear the world. Three concerts were on-going at the same time in different streets to raise more donations towards the cause.

Raise You Voice With Pick A Street – علي صوتك مع إخترلك شارع

A song that needs no description. We brought together some of our wonderful celebrities, internet sensations, and leaders to bring you this beautiful creation. Let's raise our voices so that others may also get the chance to do so! Join us on the streets اخترلك شارع – Pick A StreetEveryone deserves to hear the world. Pick A Street is teaming up again with وصلة خير Waslet Kheir this year to help children hear the world!This all could not have been possible without these amazing people: Dorra Zarrouk Sherif Ramzy شريف رمزي Hesham Maged Hossam L Hossainy رشا مهدي – Rasha Mahdi Hisham M. Kharma Osama Elhady sarrahsworld Sara Sabry Malak El Husseiny Mohamed Mekawy Nourhanne Ali Eissa Abdelhameed Ahmed Sharara Shady Ahmed Hassan RamzyProject By: R ProductionsProject Manager: Hassan RamzyDirector: Marwan ImamDoP: Ahmad NaggarEditor: Sherif SamyMusical Director: Ahmed Safi El-DinOrchestrator: Adam Awad MusicSound Mastering: Fady GarasProducer: Mohamed El-SherifProduction Manager: Eslam Ahmed & Eslam KanegiaExecutive Producer: Kareem Gamroor Ahmed Youssef Randa HabibCreative and Production: Peace CakeGraphic Design: Farahzada El Shihy Nouran FarragSign Language Instructor/ مدرسة لغة الاشارة: Mayada Emamأغنية مش محتاجة شرح. احنا جمعنا مجموعة من أجمل الفنانين،مشاهير الانترنت، ورواد في مجالات مختلفة علشان نقدر نخلق العمل ده. خلينا نعلي صوتنا مع بعض علشان ندي فرصة لغيرنا يعلو صوتهم. إنضمو لنا في إخترلك شارع علشان من حق كل حد إنو يسمع العالم إخترلك شارع هتساعد الاطفال يرجعلهم سمعهم بالتعاون مع وصلة خيرSpecial Thanks to our Sponsor NRJ Egypt NRJ For supporting our cause, and donating a generous amount for the children!شكر خاص للراعي الخاص انرجيي لمساعدة إخترلك شارع، ومساعدة الأطفال من خلال تبرع نبيل

Geplaatst door ‎اخترلك شارع – Pick A Street‎ op Donderdag 20 april 2017

4) #Ahmed_Fahmy

Ahmed Fahmy, the actor, has just joined Twitter and asked his non-existent followers to send their questions to his ASKfm account, which led Mohamed Henedy to reply: “You have no followers Who are you waiting for to ask?“ Twitter users started a funny banter to make us realize that Ahmed Fahmy now has a Twitter account.

هنيدي واحمد فهمي على تويتر بعد مافهمي عمل اكونت تويتر ومنتظر الناس تسأله مع انه ماعندهوش ولا فانAhmad Fahmy Mohamed Henedy

Geplaatst door Screen Mix op Zondag 16 april 2017

5) #Nefertiti’s_Real_Face

Nefertiti was so pretty! A photo of the facial reconstruction for the ancient queen is all what we have been staring at all day. Nevertheless, I cannot help wondering where does it say that this was her skin tone and hair colour? Cher, the American Pop music goddess, and Sawsan Badr are her doppelgangers. Is that considered white-washing?

New Facial Reconstruction of Nefertiti, the Ancient Egyptian Queen.

Geplaatst door Identity Magazine op Vrijdag 21 april 2017



1- Morgan Freeman’s Statement.

There are so many great Egyptian wonders and I am surprised that he only caught this one!

Morgan Freeman about Egypt 😂😂From last interview with Raya Abirached ❤😍

Geplaatst door Daily Movies op Dinsdag 18 april 2017

For example, this fairytale wonder:

يعنى ايه اكون ماشى على صلاح سالم ١٢:١٥ بليل تكون سندريلا لسه مروحتش ؟

Geplaatst door Mohamed Yasser Bahgat op Dinsdag 18 april 2017

2- Sawiris’s Statement:
I was feeling more accomplished throughout my life knowing that I had 100 extra pounds compared to my siblings, but he had to ruin it.


You should look on the bright side: you are richer than 99% of Egyptians and that 1% happens to be your siblings!


What are your thoughts?

Share with us how did you celebrate the break on your social media accounts and your thoughts on this week’s trends.