Written by Rawan Mamdouh

Another week of social media Egyptian buzz. A-list celebrities touring Cairo’s historic venues, International Women’s Day, memes roasting our favorite singer’s “fiancé”, and Ramses II’s statue wrapped in a Spiderman blanket!

Are you overwhelmed with all the trends? The next hashtags will summarize all social media hits this week.

1) #TheStarsInCairo

Lionel Messi two weeks ago, Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany – last week, and Parineeti Chopra (Indian actress) roaming around in Egypt during her stay: those important visits recently granted Egyptian tourism the needed attention of international media. This week, Hollywood actor Will Smith landed in Egypt to explore one of the world wonders. He showed up with 9 of his family members and went to the Giza Plateau, where they met with archaeologist Zahi Hawass who toured the family around the Sphinx and inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Will Smith couldn’t hide his enthusiasm for the Egyptian culture during his short visit, and he shared it in a Facebook post with his fans.

He kissed the Sphinx goodbye:



We were so excited, fan-girling and all:

2) #Elissa’s_Fiancé?

Rumor has it that Elissa’s engaged. Gasp!

After a recent photo posted on Instagram by Elissa herself, gossip circulated over social media  speculating that Wadih El Najjar, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and Elissa were allegedly a couple. Egyptians stalked his accounts and roasted him, saying that his clothing choices were too feminine. However older photos with the hashtag #bff can be found on Elissa’s Instagram account; so, were they ever a thing?

Do they make Mickey PJs in his size?

Selfie time!


Elissa shut down the rumors with cropping him from her next photos. Check out what he did in response!


3) #International_Women’s_Day

March 8, a day about her: when we celebrate women all around the world. Her name is heard, followed by cheers for her significant achievements in every laborious field.

A clap, especially for the Egyptian women who are fighting society’s stereotypes, rising above those who limit their lives to within the home, for demanding their rights, and for carrying out what every formidable woman would do.

Personally, my Facebook newsfeed was filled with posts praising the most accomplished, powerful, and enterprising women for their breakthroughs this year.

Magda Malek, the first Egyptian female pilot to fly EgyptAir’s biggest jet airliner, the Boeing 777-333.

Sorry, men; this day isn’t your day.


4) #NikeHijabPro

Nike Middle East’s ad campaign has grabbed the attention of most Arab women with its video for the motivational message of reaching for the impossible, even if it has failed in representing them all. This was Nike’s attempt to ready the world for Nike Hijab Pro Hijab that will be launching in spring 2018.

Nike Will Start Offering a Hijab for Athletes

Nike designed a breathable hijab for female Muslim athletes

Geplaatst door NowThis op Dinsdag 7 maart 2017


As the number one brand in athletic wear makes attire suitable for Muslim athletes, the diversity that sports celebrate is shown.

According to a New York Times article, “For us, we come up with ideas, and ways to be comfortable in what we wear, but to have the number 1 sport and fitness brand in the world facilitate this process for us?” Ms. Manal Rostom, an Egyptian athlete and one of the first testers of the Nike hijab, claimed that the purpose of the product was, “To provide something we can grab and wear in 10 seconds? It’s going to change everything.”


5) #MakeRamsesIIGreatAgain

Based on National Geographic’s article, archeologists from Egypt and Germany teamed up and found what could be Ramses II’s statue – or what is left of it – in a pit swamp in Mattarya, Great Cairo. This could be Egypt’s most important archeological discovery but social media instantly fired up with posts raging about the carelessness of the excavation: pictures of little kids resting on the statue while, covering up its head fragment with a Spiderman blanket and rolling it down the streets, and the complete nonchalance towards what was supposed to be a valuable historical artifact.

Poor Ramses must have had it with the nonsense.

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Bonus: Video of the Week

Amr Adib was having an energetic moment.

لأنك لن تكون أبداً في حماسة #عمرو_أديب

Geplaatst door Karim Hashkobly op Vrijdag 10 maart 2017

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