Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Hello and welcome to collegecontra.com, an entertainment blog for college students living contrasting lives between liberal and conservative thoughts and societies. No, we’re not a political blog; we’re just a bunch of young people with colourful, contrasting lives, interests & beliefs.

So why did we start a blog? Allow me to tell you a bit about me first, I’m a college student in a big city called Cairo, I like to read about fashion, current events, web trends, internship tips, pop culture, new music releases, weird facts, movie reviews, blogs made by different people and all the topics that any regular college student can think of to find a reasonable excuse to procrastinate. But as much as I enjoy reading blogs created by people worldwide, I craved for something that could relate to me and my lifestyle, an open minded college student living within a conservative society and holding a reasonable amount of respect to its traditions and culture. When I couldn’t find anything even close; I decided to create a place for people like me in the blog sphere, people who are interested to read about a large variety of interesting topics that’s still in touch with their everyday lives. So I gathered a group of good friends and we started working on creating a reflection for students like us online.

College Contra will be THE source for college survival tips, sales, news, product information, the latest fashion trends, and more……

We’re hoping that our blog will grow and expand to cover as many topics as possible to satisfy all tastes within our contrasting community, that’s why your opinion matters!  If you have any topics, ideas, or suggestions for what you’d like to see on our blog, please, leave a comment or email them to: [email protected]


Please note that we, as the CC team, do not write, discuss or project any political and/or religious views and topics. We do not encourage any political or religious discussions in order to maintain a healthy and harmonious environment. We prefer that these topics be handled by experts. We accept all kinds of criticism under the condition that they aren’t projected with rudeness, aren’t crude or demeaning. Any comments that don’t comply with these regulations or are offensive will be removed. Any swear words or crude comments will be removed. Thank you for understanding and complying with these regulations.