Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Want to contribute to the rising Cairene entertainment online Magazine written by Cairene youth just for Cairene youth?! Good news; we’re now accepting! If you’ve wanted to get involved here at Cairo Contra, read on for all the details!

We will be accepting applicants from 15/5/2016 till 15/6/2016.

Who we’re looking for?

The ideal candidate would be young Cairenes from high school, college or fresh grads, passionate about what they write about, responsible, hardworking, self-motivated, creative, and organized. Preference will be given to candidates with prior blogging/writing experience, topic-related or not. (Personal blogs count!) Applicants should have a strong command of the English language (spelling and grammar are very important) and must be able to handle writing on a deadline.

Writers’ responsibilities include: lots of writing, researching, searching for photos, as well as other tasks specific to each topic.

Positions Available:

We are currently accepting applicants for writers for the following topics. You can click some of the links below to view articles written in some of the topics by previous writers on our website:

Students’ Hub: Providing different tips on how to make the most out of the college experience and gain some more insight that could help make that experience richer; in need of a senior college student (preferable but not essential) or a fresh grad who wishes to share their previous, experiences, lessons, regrets, and advice with younger college students and high school grads.

Infusion with Fashion: Interpreting the sophisticated world of fashion runways to everyday real outfits; in need of a creative writer with good fashion sense, and knowledge of fashion terms and how to use Polyvore.

Street Style: The first street style article covering Cairene style; in need of an outgoing photographer, who doesn’t shy from approaching strangers, with an eye for fashion, familiar with fashion terms, and of course photo-editing.

The Groove Online: A list of weekly distractions consisting of all links interesting online; in need of a writer who likes to surf the net and check out interesting non-political topics online. Writer will be expected to contribute 1 website post a week.

Musical Vibes: an article covering music news, artists, genres, top rated, and playlists. In need of a writer who is immersed in the musical world and appreciated variety when it comes to musical taste.

Cairo’s Couch Corner: a column that reflects the insights of the home-body who enjoys the laid-back lifestyle as he/she eyes Cairo with a passive eye. In need of a writer with lazy reflections and brooding.

It’s a Teen’s Life: a column addressing the journey of one teen through the streets of Cairo, where he/she writes about stuff that would basically interest teenagers.

Social Media Trends: Our entertainment piece about the week’s latest “Social Media Trends”; hashtags, photos, videos, etc. In need of a weekly writer who’s up to date with all the local and international social media trends. Writer will be expected to contribute 1 website post a week.

Sports: In need of a writer who is familiar with multiple sports and up to date with what’s new on the sports scene.

Foodie: one for the writer with taste! The foodaholic expert or the recipe guru. We’re open to either or both; as long as you bring your experience/notes with you!

Local Traveller: covering the explorations of a local traveller in Egypt who likes to write, recommend and share his/her experiences and help show a new undiscovered side of this country.

Why join Cairo Contra?

This is an excellent opportunity if you’re interested in journalism and want to expand your writing portfolio and get your name out there; if you want to truly explore the field of this career; or if you take your writing hobby seriously and are will to commit to deadlines to advance your skills.

CC writers will walk away with improved web writing skills. Perks of being a CC team talent include having a fun experience and networking. Also, since this is an online position, you’ll be able to work from any location and choose your own hours.

How to Apply?

If you’re interested in joining Cairo Contra, send an email to [email protected] with “insert-your-topic-of-choice” as the subject, including the following:

  • Samples of your writing about your chosen topic within a 500 words limit (include at least one related photo) in an attached word document.
  • A description of yourself in 100 words. (please include your age and school/college/major/job)
  • A list of ways with which you’d like to tackle your chosen topic creatively.
  • Information about any other relevant experiences that make you qualified for the position.
  • If your topic is fashion related (Infusion with Fashion or Street Style) please send your top 5 favourite fashion trends of the moment.
  • If you’re applying for Street Style, please send us a sample of your photography with proof of editing skills.

Applicants who are primarily accepted will have to go through an interview for final selection. We just want to make sure you’re perfect for the job! CVs and cover letters are traditional and boring, and we highly appreciate creativity so give it your best shot and show us your colourful side.

Not sure which position you want? Apply for all of them! Just send your emails separately – with separate subjects- and indicate in each the position you want to apply for.

Applicants who have an entirely new topic in mind can apply as well using the above conditions.

*N.B: The positions mentioned above are internship/volunteer work, with experience as the main goal of these positions. The Cairo Contra Team does not offer salaries or any stable monetary rewards for that matter.


If you have any further questions please free to leave a comment below, ask us on our Facebook page, or send us an email on [email protected]