Did you enjoy the Oscars? I did too (so proud of Rami Malek!), and I thought I would celebrate by holding my own video game Oscars! Get ready for the best role-playing games of all time! I’m going to go start with the lowest number on the list, and make my way to the best — number one!

4. Breath of Fire

Number 4!
Fighting in the fields

While I believe that BoF isn’t as innovative or ground breaking as the other RPGs on this list, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I made a list of classic RPGs because I love RPGs! I love the charming 16-bit graphics, the fighting styles, the fact that 90% of your team is usually not even human. These and more are things that I love about BoF.

3. Super Mario RPG

Number 3!
Mario can always jump — even in an RPG!

Mario is most famous for starring in 2-D side-scroller games, but Nintendo often uses him for other, more experimental games. Super Mario RPG is one such example. You’d think that taking an iconic character and putting him into something completely different wouldn’t end well, and yet here we are. The standout aspect of Super Mario RPG is that they included a timing aspect in the fighting. A lot of the moves all depend of you: they have a timing aspect, so if you can keep on pressing the button correctly, the move will be more powerful. Add into that a cool story that makes Bowser join your team (why is it always so much fun when Bowser joins your team?), charming graphics, and perhaps the most iconic fighting music of all time, and SM RPG is yet another classic under Nintendo’s belt.

2. Final Fantasy VI

Number 2!
The crew of Blackjack

The whole Final Fantasy series is an amazing collection of role-playing games, but I figured choosing a collection would be kind of cheating. The fighting system is innovative, creative, and a lot of fun. The music is epic, and the plot is fascinating, constantly developing and dull. Perhaps the best part of all is the characters, who were all memorable, interesting, and change a lot throughout the game. Also, the game has not one, but two main characters, who are both girls. Just sayin’.

1. Chrono Trigger

And number 1 is..!!
A very unique fighting system

 Developed and published by Square for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Chrono Trigger had an RPG dream team working on it. The main idea of the game is that it has a time machine, and they took that idea and ran with it. Usually, time travel can make a plot overly complicated and confusing, but with Chrono Trigger, they managed to make it utterly fascinating. You have to travel through time to prevent the world from being turned into a desolate wasteland!


And that’s it! What do you think? Do you agree with me? Did I miss some of your favorites? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!