We have all probably heard of TED talks at some point in our lives. Maybe we have seen one on YouTube, maybe we heard about one from a friend, maybe we have even attended one ourselves. Overall, I think it’s pretty easy to say that TEDx events have been extremely popular, accessible, and even inspiring.

This article is about an event hosted by a very specific popular, accessible, and inspiring TEDx community: TEDxCairoUniversity. The TED community at Cairo University began four years ago, and each year they have been choosing innovative and unexpected themes, such as “Metanoia”, which revolved around single coincidences which completely changed lives.

This year, however, and in fact – this SATURDAY (mark your calendars), TEDxCairoUniversity will introduce us to an entirely different theme: Veni, Vidi, Vici. You might know this Latin quote if you are familiar with the Roman leader Julius Caesar, which translates into: “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

You might be wondering what this quote has to do with a TED talk, and I did too. But trust me, it makes perfect sense. The Cairo University TED community chose this theme for its relevance to the experience of the audience, speakers, and organizers attending their TED talks. First, the TED audience first comes in (Veni), then there is a back-and-forth communication experience between them and the speakers (Vidi), and finally, there are the speakers… those who conquered all of their fears and worries to get onto that stage and maybe help or inspire a person in the audience and that is both the peak and the conclusion (Vici).

What is very unique about this theme is that it doesn’t only describe what the content of the event will be, it describes the structure of the whole TED community AND its audience. It is a theme which talks about the process of the TED experience and relates it to both the battles and victories of Julius Caesar.

This theme doesn’t only take Cairo University’s TED community into consideration, it also takes into consideration the speakers AND the audience. So if you go on Saturday, know that you are not just watching a performance, you are PART of that performance. The event is very much built on you and your experience as much as it is built on the speakers and the organizers; which I think is a pretty different feeling than the one you would have attending a normal talk.

So, if you do decide that you want to experience something new this Saturday, find their Facebook page and event here: https://www.facebook.com/TEDxCairoUni/

What do you think of TEDx events?

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