Photo Source

Guest Contribution by Passant Ahmad.


I have always been soft, but sharp round the edges

That’s what I needed to adapt, to cope with the cruelness of the world

The world has turned the emotional little girl inside me to an angry, bitter old woman

It turned my sensitivity to a wounded wolf that needed to take revenge

It turned my chest to a battlefield of emotions crashing against each other

And the only one that always wins is anger

The world has filled my soft heart with rage

Like fiery burning red

The calm blue in my purple sky started fading away 

Slowly, until only red remained

I’ve always disliked the color red

I hated the fact that I was becoming it

Or more honestly that I already became it

I always thought that the answer is to become sharper

So no one would dare come around and hurt me again

I thought to put off the fire inside of me by not fueling it

To disconnect from the world and be alone

But I realized that this only burnt me out

I realized that mingling with the world and intertwining my soul is the answer

Getting close to people who are bright yellow makes my anger calm into warm orange

Getting close to people who are heavenly blue makes my sky turn purple once more

But what I love the most is melting into you;

Your pure whiteness turns me into soft pink

It reconnects me with the person I once was

It reconnects me with my true self

Together we’re as delicate as no one ever was

Together we’re everything the world wished we’d never become

Together I feel like I can forgive all the cruelness and start again; 

On a blank white paper with all the colors but raging red