Guest Contribution by Passant Ahmad addressed to her boyfriend Marwan Khurshid on his birthday.

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Today is the day you were brought to life, or the day you brought life

Today is the day the universe smiles, the day the sun is proud to shine

and the moon doesn’t show up because your beauty is enough

Today is the day the birds sing and the angels dance along

Today is the day God high-fives himself for creating such a masterpiece

Today the worn-out earth joyfully spins around the sun for once

Today my whole world is painted pink, just like my soul after knowing you;

I was once raging red but once your pure white heart touched mine, I became soft pink

Today I am filled with gratitude that we were blessed with your grace

I want to bring the whole world right at your doorstep

I want to fill your day with happy lullabies and warm hugs

I want to lift you up to the stars and never let you fall

I want to show you the love you deserve

But all I can do is try my best to be there for you,

all I can do is write my feelings down for you and

wish with all my heart that today

you feel as grateful as I am for being here.