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This is Alaa A. Rahman, stepping out of my world of portals, fiction, and fantasy to discuss an issue I find very personal and hurting. We all hear about men being unfaithful, taking several women as mates throughout their lives AT THE SAME TIME – whether they’re married, engaged, in a relationship, or “single” and just mingling.

We, men, nowadays praise each other for knowing multiple women over our own wives, girlfriends or fiancées. Cheating men are looked up to as heroes; free folk, who are living life the way it’s supposed to be lived. They cheat all the time, so why make a big deal out of it?!

Some men treat women as if they are a commodity or merchandise that is devoid of soul, heart and emotions!

You’ll almost always find the root of their excuses to be the words of “wise” men who believe that this is how men should behave. They see men as being entitled to express their needs in such a way, so that “they could save their family and preserve its structure”.

Following that particular phrase, I direct my words at you, my fellow men. Do you truly believe that by seeing other women and cheating on your significant others, you’re saving your family from “your rage, stress, and anxious persona”?

Most of us, men, believe that the act of cheating is a direct result of “bad mechanism” between man and wife, and that the consequences would therefore still be contained within that tunnel. My fellow men, when you decide to cheat, you decide to let go of some of the fundamentals upon which a family is built in the first place! When you decide to cheat, you decide that it’s okay to hurt your wife and your kids – yes, your kids!

I have a lot of burning questions to my fellow men; men who still regard honour, loyalty, trust, and commitment to family as values that create the image of a man – ones that constitute the foundation of what it is to be a true man.

To my fellow men, in the hopes that this article might trigger something within you, here’s what you’ll be losing and/or destroying when you decide to have a taste from every colour in the rainbow spectrum of womankind:

  1. ..thy beauty shall be stripped!

 “أنا عايز واحدة بنت ناس في البيت وواحدة خربش على الجنب”

I want to marry a decent girl and have a play-girl on the side.

“الشرع حلل 4 مالكم في ايه؟”

The Islamic Sharia makes it okay to have four wives, what’s your problem?


 “يعني حتعرف منين!؟”

How would she find out?!

“مراتي بتخرج كتير ومش بتهتم بيا”

My wife goes out a lot and doesn’t take care of me.

“الراجل ليه احتياجات برده ومراتي مش لعيبة كده”

A man has needs and my wife isn’t playful enough.

The reasons just go on and on, and get more creative with every level reached in the cheating game. What’s even bolder is that, if caught, we start weeping and begging for our women’s forgiveness. We start telling them how much we love them, how we always find our way back to them, and how we just feel awful doing whatever the fuck we did. When in reality, a few months after that “heartfelt” and “emotional” apology, the pigs are back in the mud.

  1. Trust… Better break it because “oh well, I have needs”!

Do we realize how bad it is to break someone’s trust? Not just anyone’s trust, OUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER’S trust?!

Do we realize how hard it is to have that trust regained and rebuilt, if ever?

Do we, men, realize how hurtful it makes our significant others feel when they find out that the men, they chose to share their lives with, to bear children with, to devote themselves entirely to, to love and cherish and adore, just dumped them by the side of the road for a quick snack?!

Do you marry for the sake of social appearances? I mean, I seriously cannot find a legitimate, strong, and comprehensible reason to break someone’s trust!

  1. Love… Baby, please hurt me because I was foolish enough to fall in love with an ass!

Seldom do people recover from heart breaks. Some are fast healers and their love for life gives them the necessary strength to move on and repair themselves. Others are not as fortunate and it takes them years – sometimes a lifetime – to recover and, eventually, some of them fail at doing so.

I mean, why should someone go through this feeling? Why should they wake up to the fact that the person they thought would never hurt them, spread the ashes of their heart over another woman’s heart or naked body? What reason gives the pig the fucking right to break their lover’s heart?

  1. Family… Not an important thing. PERIOD!

A lot of men who end up cheating, whether emotionally or physically, come back at the end of their days and mention how family is the most important thing to them. Well, maybe for real pigs, family means a lot, but for the proverbial ones, the concept means squat.

If they truly cared about their family – be it their spouses, or even their children – they would have worked on the problems they’re facing in their household instead of euthanizing them with another woman. They’ve broken several hearts instead, and the very foundation of the most beautiful word out of the four I chose in this article: Family.

My Conclusion

I’ll step outside the generalized version of men and attack the pigs that give all of us men, a bad name! I may sound like I’m better than most men and act as the holy angel devout of sins, and relative to them, I actually am, because I would never allow myself to hurt my family like that! These men have destroyed many lives and many hearts because they can, because having sex is all they care about, because having the option to do what they please, whenever it pleases them, solidifies their fantastical concept of manhood, which in fact is the following:

MAN: [noun] a proverbial pig, with only food, sex, and bodily pleasures on its mind, and no regards to anyone or anything else.

To my fellow men out there, I ask you this: if it were your women who cheated on you and decided that they needed “a gentleman on the streets and a beast in the sheets,” would you be okay with it?! If your wives or girlfriends or fiancées decided that it’s okay for them to lie, break your trust, and see other men just because they can, because they perceive their need for bodily pleasure as more important than YOU, would you be okay with it?!


What do you believe is essential for maintaining a happy marriage & family? Anything missed? Would you be ok with your spouse/partner cheating on you? Leave a comment below!