Hey everyone, I’m Jomana Yahya. And besides being the real-life Little Miss Chatterbox, I am studying Mass Communication at Cairo University. I’m also a night owl who feeds on shawarma and all types of cheese. Writing has always been a sanctuary for my thoughts. Music, on the other hand, has a power that conjures up my latent feelings. So I thought, why not live the best of both worlds and write about music?

There are around 6,500 languages spoken around the world by people from diverse backgrounds. Despite the differences in cultures and traditions, there is one universal language that is understood by all: Music.

Movie producers and directors know that little secret. They believe that the power of music transcends words as it speaks directly to the heart. For that reason, a movie score, also known as a film soundtrack, or simply film music, is the key to a movie's success and recognition. It delivers the essence of the film "wordlessly." It is the element that makes a movie so special. Without it, movies would be bland.

Here's a list of the most iconic film scores that contributed to their films' success:

Jaws- by John Williams

Earning him an Academy Award, John William's masterpiece is considered the national anthem of thriller and horror movies. Representing threat and upcoming danger, the piece is a repeated pattern of two notes played by the tuba. It -without a doubt- gives us the creeps or maybe a heart attack?!

The Pink Panther- by Henry Mancini

Released in 1963, this playful jazz piece still lives in our ears as our minds spontaneously recall the cartoon character. Whenever you hear it, you automatically imagine yourself wearing a detective trench coat and holding a magnifying glass to solve suspenseful mysteries.

Mission: Impossible- by Lalo Schifrin

Before it was the theme of the successful franchise, it was first released in 1966 for a TV series by the same name. It just fools your body into believing that it’s capable of doing really cool stunts. But I guess we are not as doughty as Tom Cruise!

The Godfather- by Nino Rota

A huge part of The Godfather's success is this artwork by the Italian composer, Nino Rota. It plays with listeners' emotions so effortlessly, conveying a sense of ambiguity, sadness, and love - even embodying the characters in the story. This piece is just timeless.

Titanic- by James Horner

Composed and orchestrated by James Horner, the renowned piece perfectly represents the amalgamation of various emotions of the tragic love story. It just makes you mourn your imaginary lover.

Anonimo veneziano- by Stelvio Cipriani

This legendary Italian piece is different from other film scores. The choice of instruments represented the dramatic obstacles of the love story in the movie. It was even adopted by the Egyptian movie Embratoryet Meem, starring Faten Hamama, and contributed to the movie’s success.  

Just like everyone has their distinguishable voice, movies also have their scores. They speak up for the film’s underlying emotions and trigger us to engage with the characters and events. Without them, movies will be incomplete and hollow. To prove my point, take a look at a movie poster and you will inevitably hear the movie’s score in your ears!

What do you think?

What are other movie scores stuck in your mind? Which scores from this list do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.