Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Hello everyone, I’m Tago! With all the stress & work of college we all need a bit of distraction every now & then to keep our sanity; that’s why I’ll be bringing you what’s new & groovy on the web every week.

  • For all the Gumpy Cat fans out there, Happy Birthday!
  • With all the “If you know this you’re a 90s kid” fad that’s going around, this seems like a very reasonable response for all those people who want me to feel old already!
  • Another, much better, fad that’s going around, is stores having tip jars for their employees. Here are a few innovative, fun ideas to upgrade theirs.
  • Its spring! And with spring comes job fairs and interviews. Here’s a piece of wise advice from those humorous people at Cracked.com
  • In case you haven’t heard about the Russians who climbed the pyramids illegally, here’s all the photos from their unique experience
  • And the grooviest on our list Beyonce’s new Pepsi ad featuring her new upcoming song while uniting her present and past.