Written by Z

Reddit is one website no one can ever get bored of. With its seemingly endless amount of subreddits just waiting to be discovered, there is no end to the procrastination that will occur once you log in. So, to make your procrastination a little more productive, here are some of my favourite subreddits:

1. /r/offbeat – funny, weird, sad, strange or quirky news. For the news you wouldn’t usually find on TV.

– Similarily, there’s /r/nottheonion – true and ridiculous stories that you’d swear were from the Onion (a satirical news website).

2. /r/wheredidthesodago – a subreddit for advertisements and infomercials taken out of context. Some of the funniest gifs can be found here.

3. /r/listentothis – a place to discover new music, new or overlooked artists, and occasional rare tracks and live performances.

4. /r/mildlyinteresting – for things that are, well, mildly interesting. Prepare to be mildly amused.

5. /r/woahdude – hilarious, mind blowing stuff. Trippy & mesmerizing games, video, audio & images that make you go ‘woah dude!’

6. /r/internetisbeautiful – interesting websites from across the interwebs. This is actually where I get a bunch of my websites!

7. /r/3amjokes – stuff that’s only funny at 3am. The description reads “Have you been up for longer than a normal human being can operate? Good. Have you just laughed at something that wouldn’t be funny otherwise? TELL US ALL ABOUT IT. NOW.”

8. /r/DIY – here is where people show off all of their latest creations. Although this subreddit is obviously useful to some, I find it a good place to make myself feel inferior to others. Tools and stuff.

9. /r/mademesmile – sometimes, you just need to see something that’ll cheer you up. This subreddit is the ultimate feel-good blog out there.

– Similarily, /r/contagiouslaughter does exactly the same thing.

10. The SFWP (safe for work porn) network. Despite the name, there subreddits are actually great places to find interesting images/articles from many different topics. Here are a few:







That’s all for this time! Next time, I’ll introduce you to some actually educational subreddits.