Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Good day to you folks! We’re back with your weekly dose of what’s groovy online! Hope you like this week’s selection….

So what does your college major say about you?! 

Tip more… someone might need it.

This is a bit old but as a country that lacks patient care education this is well worth the watch. Caution: tears are unavoidable.

The most freakish video of all time!


VW: Das Auto. Das Service!

Meet this far-sighted dog! 

Tips on how to take better smart phone pictures. 

• For all fresh grads, in the midst of crowds of freshmen, and women, here’s how to standout and be remembered. 

• Food for thought, the female swimsuit across eras….

• Lastly, this feminist Parody of Robin Thicke’s sexist ‘Blurred Lines’ song is point making and totally rad. Law student of University of Auckland, well done!

America’s government shutdown pickup lines! LYAO! XD