Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Good day folks! So they say today is going to be a bit unstable; let’s hope for the best and that things take a more peaceful course. On another note since most of us will be stuck at home for the day – it’s not like your mom is going to allow you to leave the house anytime soon – here’s a list of all what’s Groovy & entertaining on the web this week.

  • It’s been two weeks since the Rabaa sit-in was dispersed and so many people are stating their political views about the current events that no one stopped for a moment to take a second look at the now burned down Rabaa mosque. This article is not only an insight about the mosque & the women behind its name, but it’s also a new perspective & shed light on aspects we have avoided noticing for quite a long time.
  • On another side of the current events, the curfew seems to have affected some artists’ minds. Musician Hany Adel has apparently made a song called “elhazr ya baby –the curfew baby”! We’re hating it but we can’t stop laughing, so here it is.
  • Looking for a new swimsuit for your next beach visit – that is if you aren’t lucky and already there! 19twentythree has you covered with all the hot-spots to buy a new suit here in Cairo.
  • If you’re still mesmerized by the current turn of events or are not sure about whats going on, don’t fret! This little piggy, Cannes Lion Award winning, ad will explain it for you. I couldn’t find a more accurate similarity anywhere!
  • Something old, something new, and you have something to chill to! OK, bad poetry but this music is a good variation from the ordinary.
  • And lastly, at a moment when our news feeds are filled with hate and our hearts filled with doubt from people we might have once known, this video about a woman with a cause who managed to bring a glimpse of hope & peace to her country –which happens to be an Arab neighbor- might inspire you and bring back a hope of unison that might have dwindled in many of us.