Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Good day Cairenes! Hope you all head a pleasant weekend with this fair weather. As always we’re here to end your week with a bit of entertainment form all over the web. Here’s your dose of what groovy online this week.

Karim Rahman and I never see eye to eye but I’ll have to admit; his article this week is the best description I’ve read yet for our complex love-hate relationship with the big city Cairo.

Why are Egyptians sad? (DO NOT CURSE MY PARENTS) – beware this is a long read (I REPEAT DO NOT CURSE MY PARENTS)

And while we’re on the topic of Egyptians’ depressed state… 

Came across this right after we lost the match to Ghana. Couldn’t stop laughing!

Crazy reasons why wedding were postponed that don’t involve family disagreements! It could happen to anyone even… Gareth Bale.

• Super freaky movies based on real criminal cases.

14 inventors who were killed by their own inventions!

10 Notorious Last Words from Prisoners on Death Row 

Meet the human behind “Humans of New York” 

• Lastly, some interesting life hacks which I’m not sure work or not, but it’s worth the try!