Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Cristiano Ronaldo’s special message Sir Alex Furgeson during the BBC Awards. 

• For pharmacists & doctors this announcement by GSK might just change the rules of the game in this business.

Mini arm-worn jet packs let you soar underwater like Superman!

This one is for the animal lovers out there… super cute!

A baby dragon has hatched in Indonesia, it’s called Agni! 

British street artist adds a bit of black humour & political twist to this year’s Christmas cards. 

50 things to remind you that you’re a 90s kid! 

This new coke ad which captures the reality of parenting.

• For a bit of music diversity, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant presenting “Kashmir” with Egyptian Orchestra. 

• And out of the blue, poof… three reasons you might want to reconsider marrying for love!