Written by Ola Oreiba

Happy Friday everyone!  I’ll be bringing you the most interesting links on the Internet for your own pleasure this week. Unfortunately, Tago wasn’t able to do the Groove this week because of her exams.

Anyway, a clear message to all of you: try being sarcastic about spending the weekend at home; it might help I guess *hears gunshots*. I take it back!  So here are some really cool links to check out POST-curfew:

  • It might not be late to save a college freshman’s lifetime of unemployment misery through this.
  • “Suddenly I had to start wearing shirts without holes in them to big meetings where I needed to convince people I was going to do things I might very well be impossible”… a story of success!
  • What does Disney have for us the rest of the year and the upcoming years? See for yourself here!
  • This can be your next movies-to-watch list during our lonely curfew nights.
  • On marriage and love, a story from another side of the marriage line.
  • Coldplay might actually make you a Hunger Games movie fan with this song.
  • Finally, this is not even close to what it was like in WWII, but we shouldn’t stop trying.