Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Good day Folks! Eid is almost upon us, hope you’re all spending your Eid somewhere relaxing and taking time off from the daily city struggles. While you’re kicking off those city blues, here’s our weekly selection of groove to keep you entertained:

• The guy who created this world map of easiness of girls by country– it has to be a guy- must have a hell of time on his hands!

This is one guy who won’t be getting no for an answer!

• And it seems Kayne West loves a feud! His latest pick is the Saint Laurent creative director himself, Hedi Slimane.

5 men every woman needs to meet (but not marry) – you don’t need to date them either, just meeting them is quite enough!

When it comes to Italians don’t mess with their food! 

• Could a phone with flexible display be the next big thing?

Photos from the past, some you’d never dream were possible!

• Think you’re not color blind? Better take the test to confirm that!

• Can you picture Meryl Streep as a witch? Disney could….

• If you a car mechanics fan, you’ll love this.

• And lastly, your weekly dose of laughs & cuteness.