Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Happy Eid Everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your feast somewhere by the sea with plenty of coffee – or whatever you’ve been craving for on Ramadan mornings. For those of you who are stuck in Cairo, here’s a few interesting links to pass a lazy afternoon in the big city.

  • Yes even happiness has its don’ts. 15 things happy people don’t do.
  • For the architect/artists out there, Arabesque – a student activity exclusive for your talents – is recruiting. Check it out!
  • For the tech savvies, Google has released a new service for Android.
  • We all know Ke$ha has a kind of odd fashion sense, but do you think her new jewelry line has crossed the line of weird?
  • It might be Eid over here but in other places it’s shark week!
  • Just when you thought marketing techniques couldn’t get cheaper, here’s a guy who claims to have ‘invented’ an Islamic phone! Best part; language options come in English, Urdo & Bangla! No Arabic was even mentioned!