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Guest contribution by Rawan Salam

My friends called me beautiful

And so did he

He said he loved my hair

So, I thought I should cut it

I carry the extra weight

Hoping it would protect me

A part of me now hopes he thinks I’m ugly

Because that's the only thing he liked about me

I don't know if I should cut a part of me

To fit into a more lovable version of myself

Should I be more quiet and pretend to agree?

Or put my mind to sleep so that it stops defying what they need?

I don't see what they see in me

I feel undeserving of love

And compliments irritate me

I wonder why me?

All their answers seem detached of who I want to be

I wonder if any of the life I live is real

I wonder if anyone sees me for who I actually am

And not the girl I pretend to be