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The Gay/the Trans/the Whatever Label You Want to Grant it, Scenes?!

Mariem: Were there any?! I feel like that was just a publicity stunt to get the West hyped for the movie. If no one had told me these are the scenes which were meant to be gay, I wouldn’t have recognized them as so. LeFou, with his shrill voice, singing, and humor…I can count a good number of straight men who act like him. It’s just adding stereotypes to the pot of what a ‘real’ man should be like. The scene where the wardrobe dresses the attackers in lady’s garments actually takes place in the original animation. The thing is, back then it would be perceived as a funny scene; crossdressers and hormone replacement therapy wouldn’t pop into our heads. All the scenes could have passed as comedy scenes, if there hadn’t been these leaks and talks of having a tribute for gays in the film! To be honest, I wish they could stop shoving this topic down our throats with every blink. Can’t one just enjoy a funny scene without speculating if it’s about sexuality or not!?

Alaa: Completely over-inflated and ridiculous! I won’t even bother mentioning them because they were truly nothing.

The Ballroom Scene/ “Be Our Guest” Sequence

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Alaa: This was the only scene in the entire movie that I was dreading would be horribly executed; but instead, I had tears rolling down my cheeks with a big fat smile on my face. The iconic yellow dress (which was altered from the original and meant to show how different this century’s Belle is), the ballroom, the song sung by Emma Thompson, the dance itself…It was just made perfectly. The atmosphere of the dance, knowing that the Beast was hoping that this would be the night he would tell her how he feels about her; again, just perfect!  Also, a huge nod to the creative team behind the “Be Our Guest” sequence; it was magical! That scene brought tears to my eyes as well: it was colorful, dizzyingly dazzling, filled with spirit, laughter, and reminded me of the essence of the original “Be Our Guest”. I was singing it out loud in the movie theatre with Mariem, a.k.a. Cairo Contra’s Editor-in-Chief. That was how amazing it was!

Mariem: He just told you I sang out loud in public! One must admit that these two scenes are the most iconic and hold the most nostalgia in the film, so naturally we were so hyped up to sing along when the song came on. Brush up on your lyrics before you go if you haven’t yet. It’s worth it!

The Wardrobe and Other Confusions!

Mariem: We all know Disney’s wardrobes don’t fit the actual timing of the storyline, but at least they had a variety that fit the weather. In the animation, Belle is seen wearing a long sleeve dress with cloak embellished with fur, which makes sense in the snowy outdoors. She also wears a cloak as she leaves the castle and changes back to her basic dress, not a ball gown, minus a cloak in that freezing weather.  

Also, if she has the horse, how did her father get back to the village? What’s the point of having the enchantress around? If they had an enchanted book that could take you anywhere in a second (which wasn’t in the animation) why not use it to get to the village rather than gallop all the way through the dangerous cold woods? If you think I have too many questions, think about how I was as a child…and I was totally satisfied with the animation!!!

Alaa: The book, in my view, was meant for the Beast to use if he wanted to venture outside. I doubt Belle or her father could have used it to transport back to the village!!!

The Nostalgia of It All

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Alaa: While some of the critics view Disney as playing off of our nostalgic senses and giving us, “a mediocre, poorly made movie”, I disagree wholeheartedly. Yes, nostalgia plays a part in it; but at the end of the day, this new live action version stands on its own and delivers a strong performance worthy of the effort put into making it. Yes, I watched that movie out of nostalgia, but I’ve also watched 2015’s Cinderella out of nostalgia and completely gagged. So, nostalgia is a part of why I went to see the movie – and why others will too – but that’s because nostalgia is all a man needs nowadays; to remember that beauty lies within.

Mariem: To be honest, I walked in just because Alaa had already bought the tickets and said, you’re coming along! I literally walked in with 0 expectations. The movie, in my opinion, builds its entire success on nostalgia. It’s a shot by shot retake of the original animation, with minor changes; even the dialogue is relatively the same! So if you’re a 90’s kid, you’re bound to be sent back to your childhood. However, I don’t know how the younger generation will feel about this movie without the nostalgic bit.

To Sum Up

Alaa: This is a beautifully crafted movie, with an incredible soul to it and a heart that is beastly in its grandeur, humor, romance, and nostalgia. The live action version of Beauty and the Beast is a remarkable movie, with a lot of roses blooming in every scene played out. The cast was spot on, the VFX was remarkable, the music was nothing short of brilliant, and the nostalgia was just right. This movie cannot be, of course, compared to the original because as I said above, it stands out with its original material and delivers its own magic.

Mariem: Despite my issues with a few things, they didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie. I didn’t find the casting remarkable by any means. To me, this movie was made to feed on a nostalgic 90’s crowd, and I’m totally a sucker to some nostalgia – especially when it includes musicals, songs I love, and more songs to get to know.

What do you think?

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