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size: A5 [14.8 x 21.0 cms]

price: 50 LE

Art can be for the sake of art. The talented Magy Hany finds art in the most unlikely places.


Since I was a child I was inspired by nature; the blue sky, the green trees, red roses… Till now the only thing that really inspires me the most is nature’s textures; hence the inspiration for my notebook designs. Nature is the most elegant thing to borrow textures from, that’s why when I made my first notebook designs I just thought about nature.

In our quest to support young Egyptian talents, we provide an opportunity for young designers and photographers to bring their work to life. Behind every design is a story of a young artist who put their heart in their work to prove that their passion can actually pay a bill or two!

Hence, 10% of what you pay goes to supporting young artists.