Motherhood for Dummies: The world doesn’t revolve around the sun anymore; it revolves around a baby that just came out of you.

I always wondered why in the kids’ show Teletubbies, the sun is a baby’s face. Now, I can assure you the creators knew what they were doing back in 1997 when the show first aired. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the message then.

When I gave birth, I didn’t know what to do. Not only with the baby as you learn to take care of it along the journey of motherhood; but I also didn’t know what to do with my life! 

The Sun/Baby

Your life changes and you start seeing everything around you differently from the first minute you give birth. You feel your mind starting to prioritize everything in a different order. You start wondering how this happened to you only to find yourself excited that your little baby finally pooped after struggling for a long time! This is when the truth hits you in the face. Your life is not yours anymore. 

Some people keep resisting the fact that their lives will change. I resisted it and I kept fighting it. After a while, I figured out that it is okay to change. It is okay to care about someone more than you do about yourself. It is okay to feel overwhelmed, but most importantly it is okay to be afraid.

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My life has changed, and my biggest fear was not being able to control this change nor the direction I was heading toward. I couldn’t even manage when I slept or how many times I woke up during the night! And I stayed in this phase for a long time…But once I accepted the fact that we will all grow up, I started to enjoy every phase of my life. There is no going back at this point I’m in now, so if I can’t get my kids-free days again at least I get to enjoy my day with kids. 

So now accept the fact: your world revolves around the baby when previously; it had revolved around the sun. But you can still enjoy every day. With the warm, beautiful sunshine that you get to be the first one to see. Even though, you are the closest one affected by its heat (also known as crying). Still, you get to see the sunset every day. It is the time you can get back to your normal life and have some “me-time” even if it is only for five minutes, so just enjoy it!