Written by Sondos Abdallah 

Hey there Cairenes, Sondos here! I’ve been sick for a bit now so, this week on “Style Lens” is going to be different. Instead of me roaming Cairo for an outfit here and there, I’ve asked a couple of the blog’s readers to share their own style with us. So check them out and next time, it might be your style in one of those photos or who knows; I might even meet you on the streets.


Fall is the new spring!

The perfect example for pairing jeans with a flannel shirt. Who said floral was just for spring? This fall outfit is given a feminine touch with the floral top and a simple headscarf that matches the pink in the top. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that count.


Harmonious colors are sometimes the way to go.

Some would say this time is all about bold colors, I’d tell them to calm their bees and remember the simple ways of theme colored outfits! If you’re afraid of taking a risk with colors, why not go for the harmonic approach? It’s classy, it’s easy and it’s safe!  Just pick a pair of pants with a shirt or blouse of the same color family and you’re done! No wasted hours looking for a color that matches. (Though I’d recommend splashing a bit of color here or there)


Sassy pants; you go girl!

True to fall colors with a bit of a personality twist, the sassy green pants complement the burnt brown and the soft color of the head scarf. Who says pants are dull and boring? With the perfect colors, they can be the life of the party.


So what do you think?

Don’t forget your opinion matters so comment below and tell us what you think about this week’s post! And if you want to submit your outfits for another week all about you, please send us your pics at [email protected]