Written by Sondos Abdallah

Hello everyone, Sondos here! If you’re spending your time stuck at home today, you might find my take on the street fashion of Cairo entertaining. This week, we will take a look at how the Faculty of Fine Arts started what one would call its very own fashion week at the start of its year. From great color coordination to beautiful accessories and bags, fashion has its own taste in the Faculty of Fine Arts.


Sweet Rainbow Blast


Who doesn’t like a happy colorful outfit? This multicolored blouse accompanied with the hot pink see-through bag brought joy to the campus.


Gems Vs Stones


In this case, the beautiful turquoise stones win! A cute gypsy, crochet top tucked into jeans and, to complete the sophisticated/gypsy look, with a cute little leather bag. Can’t help but say I love that necklace!


Keeping It Comfy and Chic


A little maxi black skirt with a simple ¾ sleeve grey shirt with the sass of a little metal necklace and a small patterned bag make this outfit classy, comfortable and practical.


Casual Friday


A very casual, simple white shirt, jeans and a nice, overlarged  bag.


Smart and Trouble-Free


This outfit is perfect for the current weather with a pair of flats and especially, if you are wandering in and out of air-conditioning. It’s stylish, smart and comfortable.

Your Thoughts?

Which of those outfits suits you best?What kind of fashion did you see on your first week of college? Where do you want Style lens to go to next? Let us know in the comment section below!