Written by Raghda Ashraf


We can guarantee there’s no student on earth who doesn’t simply use their cell-phone, tablet or laptop on daily basis, if not hourly! With such technological revolution, it is always better to weigh out the benefits instead of wasting your precious time in vain, and with the never-ending apps that keep on developing, I have chosen the 10 best apps in the list below. These apps are a Must-have for every student out there!

1. Dragon Dictation “DD”

Tired of writing? Your fingers couldn’t take it anymore but you still have all these infinite notes that you must type for a deadline?

Here’s the solution! “Dragon dictation”. It’s all about dictating what you speak out to it. DD can record and convert everything into text like BAM! Surprised? Wait till you see the rest of the list. (P.S: available in many languages)

Get it for Android here, and Apple here


2. Abbyy Transformer

Okay, so again with the converting thing but this time it’s not voice. You may have probably scanned some pages from a text-book to review later, but what if you need them typed? What if you have to edit, delete or even share only some parts of it? You guessed it right! This program can simply convert any scanned page to a PDF file, by which you can extract text from, so for another one on the list you would save your finger the work! Its only disadvantage is that it is a PC/mac software. Check it out here


3. Easybib

Textbooks! Don’t we all use them for references? Don’t bother yourself flipping through many pages and trying to figure out how to get the author’s name, publication number, etc. With Easybib all you need to do is just scan the book’s barcode and it will generate the citation right away! Life saver, isn’t it? Get it for Android here


4. Self-Control /Reduce Distractions

Trying to study with all these notifications popping out every second can really be a total distraction – and let’s admit it, we don’t ignore them! With this app you can concentrate on your studies easier by blocking certain websites till you are done then re-block them again whenever you want. Happy Studying! You can get it for Android here


5. Maths Alarm Clock

Another app for self-control; but this time for your sleep! *Sorry*. If you are one of these students who miss their first class because of the snooze button, this app is definitely for you! It will keep on ringing till you solve the math problem, it doesn’t require an engineer just a wake up for your brain! Available for Android here


6. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

You don’t have to bother about forgetting your calculator for the class anymore! Because with this amazing app – which literally describes itself- you will have the same calculator but just on your mobile screen. You are welcome! Available for Android here


7. CamScanner

How many times have you needed to capture a shot of your white board instead of writing the notes down, or wanted to scan a certificate, receipt, ID or paper to send to someone?

Now with this app you can easily scan, crop, edit, and even convert it to pdf then send /share it with whoever you like! A smart scanner in your pocket! Available for Android here.


8. My Study Life

Ditch all those sticky notes, paper planners and reminders that you have to set up in order to not lose track of what assignment, quiz or a deadline you have. “My study Life” gives you an organized colorful platform to make your own schedules with times and reminder all in one place. You have no excuses now to miss a thing! Available for Android here, and Apple here.


9. Pocket: Save Your Links

We all cross an interesting link that we wanted so bad to share with our friends but unfortunately forget what it was, right?! Pocket can help you save this link to view it later; this can also be so helpful if you are searching many links and topics for a research. You don’t have to bother now adding all of them to your bookmarks again. Available for Android here, and Apple here.


10. StandApp

  When the academic year starts, it can be a total pain in the back, we lose ourselves in the assignments and studies without noticing what time it is or how many hours we have been answering the sheets for, Standapp has 15 exercises which you can set a customizable interval reminder at your own preferences for. This way you can study and still maintain a good shape. Available for Android here, and Apple here


Whatre you waiting for?

Did you like these apps? Go ahead and give each a try and let us know what you think!