Written by Salma Khalid 

Honestly, who’s not stressed out about their college freshmen year?! Nobody isn’t! So, in order to break through the ice quickly, here are a few things no one will tell you before your freshmen year in college that we want you to know!

1. It’s hard to make friends

It’s completely okay if you don’t find your squad on your first year in college… yeah, year. Because trust me, on your senior year you’ll check your FB account and find almost hundreds of people that you can hardly recall what connected you guys together.

2. You’ll meet old, not-so-favourite mates

In campus, you might stumble upon a school mate or two that you didn’t really like back in high school and, surprisingly, you’ll both act as childhood best friend, because they feel like something from back home.

3. You MUST always back up your files

Either your major requires a lot of soft copies, digital work, or you’re working one paragraph at a time on your assignment, but you never know when you’ll be facing a power cut next! So we got you a list of Apps and Sites you can use to back up your files and recover them anywhere to continue working on them. Here’s a list of 6 free online backup systems to help you with more than 10GB!

4. Make sure you have a calendar

Orientation sessions, extra sessions, make-up lectures, make-up exams, mid-terms, quizzes, finals… you’ll surely need one to stay on track and avoid “ya ragel? quiz elpharma bokra??” This is a DIY that I tried myself and absolutely loved!

5. You should stay organized

Based on experience, the only effective way to keep your daily timeline clear and remain goal oriented is making a chart with spaces for sticky notes stating what’s urgent and what’s not and how important it is to get it done. Maybe similar to this one?

Bonus Tip:

Get through the day with a cup of coffee and a playlist

Finally, to get through a long dragging day, grab your favourite cup of coffee along with a smooth playlist. Helps to refrain oneself from committing murder.


Did you find this list useful? Tell us how different your freshman year was from what you expected it to be in the comments below!