Written by Sondos Abdallah 

HELLO! It’s been a long while since you’ve seen a “Street Style”, mostly because of finals and stuff. BUT I am here with a brand new article and some of the newest trends in Cairo, be it colors, jeans or maybe even shoes!





Coming out of what looks like a 50’s closet, this young lady wore a sight catcher. The Jacket’s patterns are not loud and seem to look almost out of this world. With black jeans and black/ brown leather sandals, the outfit is good to go! Good choice for a semi-formal event or even a night out in town.

Are khakis back?




It’s been a while since we’ve seen khakis in action on the streets of Cairo but as of late, I’ve seen a lot of locals wearing them. So are khakis back? Because as long as they’re worn like that girl, I have no problem! She kept it simple and went with a black shirt, colorful scarf and a crème colored pair of sandals.


It’s summer all around!



Now this is a palette I wouldn’t mind wearing! A muted orange scarf is paired with a turquoise button down shirt, a black skirt with fun colored sandals. If I had a say in what this summer theme colors would be, I would say this is a fine example of it! People should wear good colors not blinding ones.



Thank you for reading and viewing this article. Have fun till next time and Ramadan Kareem.
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