Written by Amna Jamal

Hello people this is Amna here and I’ll be giving you a look into Cairo’s street-style! I know that it’s summer and it’s all about colors and prints, however, black and white are two colors that you can never live without! Wear them in summer, wear them in winter, heck wear them anytime and they’ll just look good as ever! So for the love of black and white I’ve decide to give you guys a glimpse of how Cairenes decided to rock either of these two contrasting colors.

Roaming around Cairo’s open spaces at this time of the year only leaves you with two conclusions:

  1. It’s definitely summer!
  2. There are too many people wearing a variation of white!

And it’s not out of love for white but it’s because it’s the only color that can help outdoor-people survive the burning sun!



The first cairene we have here is Tasneem. She is a firm believer that you are what you wear and that if you wear dark colors they’re going to bring you down somehow. So she when she decides to use black in her outfits she makes sure to mix it up with some refreshing colors –and what is more refreshing than white ha?! Tasneem chose to wear a white blouse underneath that black and white patterned dress and also a white headscarf. To be honest if I tried to imagine the look in my head it would have been an absolute no, but now that I’m seeing it in front of my eyes it is absolutely beautiful.


And speaking of patterns, did you know that this summer it’s all about the details, because small things do matter! So I want you check with me the next outfit we have because I’m so freaking in love with its colorful embroidery!

Radwa says that she chooses her colors based on her mood, so yeah she was happy that day! From head to toe, I’ve gotta give it to Radwa, she sure knows how to dress! Although wearing white footwear in Egypt has its downs but this one we have here is definitely ups.


On to the black kick-ass looks! The next chic young lady we have here chose to wear a black top over a ripped jeans and cute sandals! On the cute-meter she absolutely scores a 10.

Starting from the sunglasses to the simple necklace and that solid top, she made the right call: silent upstairs, party downstairs; perfectly balanced.


Well, people of Cairo I have got to say that I’m really proud to see that haircut storming around Egypt like this. On the other hand, if this picture tells us anything about this young lady, it is that she’s daring as hell! I mean check out those glittery shoes!

What do you think?

So whether you are going to dress up all in white, or you would like to mix it up with other colors, or go for the trusted black; check out those kick-ass street styles and make sure to tell us what you think in the comments below!