Street Style: A UAE Special!

Written by Amna Jamal

Hello again everyone! Last month I happened to be in the UAE, and I thought why not give Contras a glimpse of how street style looks like in the Emirates! The thing I noticed most here, is that no matter how basic their outfits are, it’ll always have a touch of identity to it; because why fit in when you were born to stand out! Here in the UAE, you will never find two people wearing the same outfit and that’s exactly why I will be presenting you some of their basic styles, worn with a unique touch…


First up we have Deema; she wore casual boyfriend jeans, styled with a graphic t-shirt. Deema matched the colors of her lace up ballet flats and satchel bag. All in all, the look is laid back and cool!


Our second young lady kept basic interesting with a pop of color; her jeans and white top outfit are all the more exciting because of the coral summer cardigan and the bold lip. We love the touch of gold accessories and… is that Chanel or Chanel-inspired?! We love the bag all the same. 😉


The final young lady we have is Esraa, whose outfit was just the right balance of feminine colors with edgy accessories. She paired white skinny jeans, with a light blue tie front shirt, and added black lace-up boots as well as a studded leather backpack. Finally, she complemented the look with black accessories; hats off to the surprising match of the choker and the statement necklace.


So readers, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think of the outfits in the comments below. And remember, life is not perfect, but your outfit can be. Salam!

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