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Sponsored: SCOPS Royal Opening Ceremony

Written by Mariem ELTagoury

If you’re looking for an opportunity to spend a good evening and support a good cause for an affordable price, SCOPS (Students’ Conference on Pharmaceutical Studies) has got you covered!

SCOPS will be having their Royal Opening Ceremony on Saturday the 25th of November. The opening and conference’s main aim is to support cancer and pediatric patients in the Egyptian Cancer Institute and Abu El-Reesh Hospital. Besides being their formal opening, the event is also considered as a fundraiser since all the money collected shall be donated to these institutions.

SCOPS has invited Mahmoud El-Esseily, who will be spreading his good voice and vibes among the audience, as well as other performers, to star in their Royal Opening Ceremony. The event shall include representatives from Egyptian Cancer Institute and Abu-ElReesh Hospital as official guest speakers.

The event is scheduled to start at 4 pm at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski. The ticket price is 150 EGP.

If you’re looking to book a ticket TODAY you can benefit from their Black Friday offer by calling one of their representatives:

Shobra: Ahmed Waheed 0111 2927045
Giza: Mohamed Sobhy 0114 0736127
Heliopolis: Maha Salem 0122 3342704, Samiha Ibrahim 0102 4446874
Tagamo3: Ragy Atef0127 2586688, Ahmed Attia 0111 9986645
Rehab: Jolie George 0 122 0111301, Salma Shawky 01115932278
Nasr City: Zeina Tarek 0100 5311503, Mohamed Maged +20 111 1514509

GUC: Mohamed Maged 0111 1514509
MIU: Mahmoud Morsy 0111 9579669
Cairo: Salma Zakria 0100 0195036, Abdelrahman Wael 0 109 9355363
Helwan: Mahmoud Mohamed 01115736093, Mostafa Said 0 109 4133832
Engineering: Amr Ahmed 0111 8465386

SCOPS (Students’ Conference on Pharmaceutical Studies); a student activity for pharmacy students that aims to provide its participants with high quality education and developing their careers. SCOPS’s debut was in 2006 and, ever since, it has been positively impacting the lives of students who take part in the activity through various workshops. The activity provides students with workshops in six main fields which include Clinical Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, Marketing Intelligence, Pharmaceutical Sales, Drug Manufacture, and Toxicology and Analysis.

Students get to choose their preferred field based on their interest as well as their desired career path. Participants do not only get to attend workshops but they also get hands-on experience from working in pharmacies. Students also receive certifications from SCOPS and the places where they work. SCOPS has also been known for its annual employment fair that gives students the chance to meet with employers in the pharmaceutical field.

For more information about the event check it here.


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