Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Cairo Contra’s table!

The MSA Employment Fair 2017 took place last Saturday & Sunday, and we were very happy to be a silver sponsor and a participant at the event.

The event really did leave us with a very positive impression. As promised, the fair consisted of tables rather than the traditional booths which was probably more comfortable for both the representatives and the inquirers. Another positive aspect for us, as a startup, is the fact that we only needed 1 roll-up without fear of being overshadowed by over-the-top fancy booths. Basic booth arrangement would have probably cost us more, and since all tables depended on roll-ups for their event, we were proud to be standing out just as well as any of the big companies present.

To our surprise, this exceptionally professionally set Employment Fair was mainly organized by the students of MSA. A very impressive feat for people so young and inexperienced.

Both days had a fairly similar scheme. They would start out with a TBS breakfast for every booth; a gesture we really appreciated, as most entities never remember breakfast on big days like that. Breakfast would then be followed by a talk given by a prominent speaker from the HR scene.The hustle and bustle would usually pick up after the talk or around noon.

We were very happy to interact with MSA students, as they did show a lot of potential and creativity. Another observation of ours is how active the students actually were and are willing to be. Not only are the students engaged in so many activities, but they are also willing to immerse themselves into more to gain experience and exposure. Given the many pessimistic, negatively charged, young people one stumbles upon these days, these students were definitely a breath of fresh air.

Around 3 pm, the lunch break would start. Buffalo Burger served meals which consisted of a burger sandwich, side salad, and fries. Soft drinks were offered as well. Frankly speaking, the food could have been better, but the meals did the job of sustaining us for the length of the two days. However, the 2nd day, I suffered food poisoning. Let’s just say that, in the eyes of my team,  Buffalo Burger lost whatever wins it was expecting to gain from sponsoring the event’s lunch.

After lunch, we would head back to our tables. The traffic of inquirers was less around that time, and would continue to decline till 5pm.

Overall, the event was quite a successful one, and as far as CairoContra is concerned, we are very glad we got the exposure we needed.