Written by Ola Oreiba

We first start by congratulating everyone who won last night. The Shape of Water deserved it in every sense as the dreamy fairy tale that, yet, spoke to so many and represented a battle cry for inclusion to a world hungry for compassion on this very day more than ever. The red carpet, too, had that air around it. Unlike last year’s altogether super controversial celebration, there’s a cheered up, optimistic vibe despite the continued #MeToo statements. So, let’s run down last night’s red carpet and see who made the cut!

The Best Dressed

In my opinion, there wasn’t much of a WOW-factor to 2018’s red carpet choices, so it was easy to pick my favourites.

Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé

Nicole Kidman

There’s nothing I don’t love about this look. The colour is spot on and I love how it is voluminous yet still figure-hugging and feminine, but with an edge, all at the same time. For some, it might look like too much with the bow detail, the heart-shaped A-line and the front slit, but I find it all working in great harmony that I can’t help but agree that sometimes, more is more. Nicole wore this gown with Harry Winston jewelry and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Margot Robbie in Chanel Haute Couture

Margot Robbie

I love the simplicity of the detailing in this dress; there isn’t much faff nor unnecessary embroidery and adornation. The tone of the white colour is just the right kind of bright to complement the golden statue. Margot was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role, so I bet she kept that in mind when choosing this gown as her go-to, and she nailed it, except that she sadly didn’t win. You won best look for many, Margot, so don’t be bummed! Margot wore Roger Vivier shoes with this look.

Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein by Appointment

Saoirse Ronan

Millenial Pink!! Oh I love you so, Millenial Pink! It’s screaming girly, but it isn’t tacky by any means. Saoirse is now a 3-time Oscar Nominee which is amazing for an actress who’s just 23 years old. The trimming at the front complements her haircut in a way and the gown’s seeming grandiosity is just so subtle, it’s absolutely adorable. Raf Simons does no wrong in all cases and this look was a huge winner for me. Saoirse complemented the look with pink Christian Louboutin shoes and Cartier jewelry.

Taraji P. Henson in Custom Vera Wang

Taraji Henson

Now this is the kind of drama that I am here for. Oozing in sex appeal, the 47-year-old actress stepped on the red carpet in sheer layers of black and a side slit stopping only when you can’t go any further. You can’t resist the flow of soft black tulle gracing her amazing figure. Now, sue me for being publically in awe of this gown because Girl, you’re da BOMB!

Zoey Deutch in Elie Saab Couture

Zoey Deutch

This is a classic Saab creation and you can never beat him in the embroidery game. The layers and colour are giving me Gatsby jazz vibes yet the dress still looks all kinds of modern and fresh. Feminine to the core, romantic and dreamy, and I didn’t see anything like it on the red carpet last night. It embodied the optimistic vibe surrounding this year’s ceremony.

Worst Dressed

And now comes the lineup of worst celebrity looks on the 90th Academy Awards’ red carpet.

Andra Day in Zac Posen

Andra Day

I don’t like this on so many levels! It is puffy and balloon-ish all over; the print is that of a vintage French cottage sofa. There’s way too much going on with the fabric and design that it turned out into an utter fail. Andra didn’t make it any better with her choice of hair-do or accessories. This is maybe one of the worst looks of all time for me and I don’t think I am the only one who thinks that.

Camila Alves in Vivienne Westwood

Camilla Alves

Why Camila? I’ve always loved her choices, so I don’t understand what went wrong here. To me, she looks like a runaway bride who got her dress torn and her hair messed up as she runs so fast not wanting to be caught. You’ve disappointed us all this year, Camila! It makes me sad.

Salma Hayek in Custom Gucci

Salma Hayek

Hmmm…This one struck me so bad while I was flicking through Instagram last night stalking the red carpet. Really! Why so tacky? More is more went so wrong here, I’m shooketh! The amount of sparkle here is so disturbing I can’t help but think she was aiming for dressing as a disco ball with a twist maybe? Like a lavender disco ball? Is that something? Is this lavender? I don’t know anymore.

Whoopi Goldberg in Christian Siriano

Whoopi Goldberg

Not another sofa? Or maybe this is more of a curtain? Sigh. I swear I am not even trying to be dramatic here. There’s enough drama here to last me for a very long time. And while I think it’s cheerful and I totally appreciate how she adorned her look with a red ribbon in support of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation as well as the humorous twist of the sunglasses and all, but this is way too much for my liking.

Haley Bennett in Christian Dior

Haley Bennett

Someone took “going green” too literally here? This grassy number gets a no from me. There’s something so dark about it that I can’t shake the feeling that this was somehow inspired by Plants vs. Zombies. Anyone with me on this? I see you *virtual high-fives*.

Honourable Mentions
*drum rolls*

Meryl Streep in Christian Dior Haute Couture & Helen Mirren in Reem Acra

Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren

SLAYYY QUEEENSSS!!! Can I just bow in admiration for these 2 women? They’re the epitome of grace and success and they do no wrong when it comes to their fashion choices; timeless, elegant and just on point.

Viola Davis in Michael Kors Collection & Eiza Gonzalez in Ralph Lauren

Viola Davis and Eiza Gonzalez

I saw them and they instantly cheered me up. I’m so down for a pop of colour on the red carpet when done right and they did it right. Screaming spring/summer? I don’t think anyone would object (except me, I need more winter *sobs*).

Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior & Sandra Bullock in Custom Louis Vuitton

Jennifer Lawrence and Sandra Bullock

Those girls were LIT! This is what metallic sequin dreams are made of here, ladies. So, if the disco ball look is your jam, you can find an inspiration among these girls because they did it right.

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

Emma Stone

Last, but certainly not least, what do I see here? A pant suit! I’m sold. Confident, bold and gives no shit. That’s my kinda girl.

Most Iconic Fashion Moment

Rita Moreno

Now, last night, 86-year-old actress Rita Moreno has recycled the dress she wore to the Academy Awards back in 1962 to make a comeback 56 years later. Tell me that’s not some kick-ass move she did right there!

Which was your favourite look?

Do you agree with our choices? Do you disagree? Have you found other favourites that we might have missed? Let the fashion debate begin in the comments.