“Ode to My Coffee Coaster”

Written by Aya Telmissany 

“Hoarder of a thousand overlapping O’s and C’s…”

“Ode to My Coffee Coaster”

         Of A thousand
         Overlapping O’s and C’s,
         One for each sleepless night
         Spent staring into the void.

A Raft
        carrying drunk and empty promises
        Soaked in caffeinated bitterness,
        Navigating through waves of
        Memories of past bliss
        Till it reaches dawn’s shore.

My coffee coaster,
        dried out and sticky,
        Savagely ravaged by
        countless steamy cups.

My coffee coaster,
        Hoarder of a thousand
        and one
        Lunar eclipses.


About Aya Telmissany

I am a 22 year old AUCian, an English and Comparative Literature major, a Creative Writing minor and a poet. I am a fiction writer here at CairoContra. I basically read and when I’m not reading I am either buying books, sniffing books, looking up some new books online, taking pictures of my books (and my dog), or writing books (at least that’s what I hope I’m doing).

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