Art might not be up your alley, but I will make sure it becomes! Let me introduce myself first. I’m Mariam Mousa, a 20-year-old Environmental Architecture student. Art is part of who I am; I study the art of buildings and I paint on my cups, on my walls, and sometimes on canvas. I also do fashion design. In this Art section, I will write to make art find its way to your hearts in a way that it hasn’t done before!

If you look at this painting; you can see the artist uses shades of green, blue, and white in perfect harmony to bring out visual illusions and abstract figures similar to those found in the works of some of the world's most renowned artists. Who do you think might’ve painted such a beautiful painting? Whatever your answer is, I don’t think you guessed a GORILLA.

When “humans” paint, it comes out of thoughts and ideas that roam in their heads. Whereas, for animals, since they technically don’t have complex thoughts; their work is an outcome of their innate movements and their habitual behavior. But sometimes, they may apply, in their own way, a certain technique they learned from a human.

Here are some non-human artists and their successful artworks:

1. Koopa the Turtle

Koopa, unlike other turtles, was taught to paint by his owner, artist Kira. He learned how to paint while standing on his hind limbs. His slow-moving belly helped form the abstract swirls that make up his art. Over his artistic life; he painted 827 paintings. We have to admit that this is fast work for a turtle. Koopa is retired now due to some health issues but some of his paintings are still up for sale.

2. Cheeta the Chimpanzee

Another very artistic ape appeared on the surface. The retired movie star of many Hollywood movies, best known for her role as the ape sidekick of the character Tarzan enjoyed her retirement years at a sanctuary. The sanctuary is named after her and is funded by the profits from her paintings. Cheeta’s paintings are being sold for over $125.  While painting, she would hold a brush in one hand, and a palette in the other, just like a human being. Sadly, Cheeta passed away recently; but her art lives on.

3. Smithfield the Pig.

The multi-talented pig, Smithfield, surely has painting among his many different interests. His technique is holding a brush with his mouth while painting with joy. Not only did he excel in painting, but he also knew how to pose for pictures and selfies, as well as play musical instruments. Smithfield proudly survived cancer twice and is still showering us with his marvelous creations.

4. Hong the Elephant

If you have ever heard of an animal painting; it would probably be an elephant. Unlike other animals, elephants produce representative paintings, not abstract ones. Hong was trained to hold the brush with her trunk. She practiced her drawing technique a lot, from the very simple dots and lines to flowers. She learned with lots of hospitality, practice, and sugar cane.

Animals are very pure creatures, whenever they see the light in things, they never hesitate on giving it their all. When they paint;  they feel the very same excitement we feel. Painting allows them to follow their innate passion for inventing and using tools. Even my cat proved to be an artist when she was given a piece of paper and some non-toxic colors!


What do you think about these unusual artists? Does your pet have any hidden talents? Tell us more about them in the comments!