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Guest Contribution by Passant Ahmad.

Today I woke up feeling like the Earth:
So tired and worn out from all the disasters happening to me
Yet feeling like I caused them.

I’m carrying burdens, carrying scars
That now feel like too much to carry.
My insides are raging because it doesn’t matter how much good I give
I only get cursed at for disasters.

I want to pour my insides out and end it all
I want the universe to swallow me whole
I want pain, emptiness, and everything in between to just stop.

But this is not a suicide note;
because the Earth can’t suddenly decide to collapse,
because the universe can’t swallow the Earth when it wants to,
because what else will the moon shine for?
What else will the sun burn for?

So it’s okay sea, I am full of wreckage too.
It’s okay ground, sometimes I shake too.
It’s okay sky, sometimes I cry too.

And it’s okay earth, I know you’re trying
as hard as I’m trying
for this not to be a suicide note.