Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Your head isn’t a dishpan!

Hello ladies! Last time, I was introducing you to the natural hair world, and answering a couple of your FAQs. So, if you read my last article you probably already know I have a huge grudge against most traditional hair products, specifically shampoo.

Why? Because it’s your hair’s worst enemy [even for straight hair girls!]

Compare the ingredients of your shampoo to those of you dish detergent, you’ll find they have a lot of chemicals in common, so companies are practically treating our heads like saucepans! The main culprit: sulfates. This is the chemical that creates the delightful bubbles we see when using most soaps. Most people are often deluded to think that more bubbles mean cleaner hair! Sulfates actually strip out all oils from any surface, which is great for oil stains on your dishes, but horrifying when you think of your scalp being stripped of its natural oils.

Well, since my head is not a dishpan, I decided to find an alternative, but I had a major problem. When I first started my natural curly journey, there weren’t any sulfate-free products in Egypt, so I had to find a different method to avoid shampoo. I found no-poo methods online that recommended using conditioner instead of shampoo. This made sense since most of the ingredients in conditioners can be found in shampoos, minus the sulfates.

Me when I first started transitioning to natural hair

I started the hunt for a conditioner with minimal harmful chemicals and finally settled on Johnson’s Baby Conditioner, and Johnson’s Leave-in Conditioner for styling. Later on, I transitioned to sans-sulfate shampoos, a couple curly-friendly leave-ins, and finally went all-natural using a few concoctions I make at home with ingredients from Nefertari.

You can check all my routines in the upcoming episodes.

What to expect in the transition from poo to no-poo?

  1. Your hair will feel greasy

Most girls have this complaint when they quit shampoo. The reality is, your hair is in shock. Companies have trained us to strip our scalps of natural oils and use oil replacements instead of it! When we stop stripping our scalps and quit the oil replacements, the body realises that for the first time it is expected to produce oil, but since it is not accustomed to producing oil, it doesn’t know how much to give. In panic, the scalp releases a lot of oil; hence, the greasy hair. It will take time for your natural hair to adjust to depending on itself for nourishment.

  1. Your hair might feel “not clean enough”

Most ladies struggle to adjust to the new sense of cleanness with their hair. When I was younger, a hairdresser once told me that to know whether your hair is clean or not, it must squeak between your fingers while wet. This is false. The squeak comes from the hair being stripped of its natural oils; clean hair should simply mean that when you run water through it, the water runs out clear. That’s it! The myths we’ve been fed by the industry to ruin our hair have affected our perception on cleanliness. Perceptions can be changed, and you’ll get accustomed to the new feel of hair.

If you’re intrigued, check back on how to transition for beginners.

What do you think?

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