Written by Islam Lotfy and Lama EL-Najdi

Most of us listen to music on a regular basis, if not a day-to-day basis. You can never run out of good music, especially since new music is released everyday. Thus, Islam and Lama have handpicked 10 songs that they think you need to have on your summer playlist; whether you’re on the beach, on a road trip, or just jamming on your own, these are songs our co-writers think you need to listen to ASAP.

Music's in the air!
Music’s in the air!

Islam’s picks:

1.  This Year by Mountain Goats:

No other song in history of music has talked about being free and freaking out better than this one. Whenever I hear this song playing, I can always feel the adrenaline getting pumped up already.

 2.  I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li:

I’ve never been a fan of house music or remixes, though I know that’s what summer music is mostly about; but this one, I can hear it on repeat till winter comes and feel light as a feather every single time.

3.  West Coast by Lana Del Rey:


4.  Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon:


My all time favorite album by my favorite band ever. What can I say? I can dance all summer night long to every track & never get bored of how good it is.

No, I’m not going to recommend Work by Rihanna, but…

5.  Work by Rihanna:

Just did!

Lama’s picks:

6.  Holy by PVRIS:

It’s always refreshing to hear songs from powerful female vocalists, and this song certainly is no different. Lynn’s voice is a beautiful balance between soft and edgy, and the song in general just has a catchy beat that gets your head banging along.

7.  UGH! By The 1975:

I’d be dead lying if I said I deciphered a lyric without the help of A-Z lyrics, but sometimes you just don’t want to listen to something you know all the words to, and this song just fits perfectly – plus it sounds like the modern day Mmmbop.  It’s just a great song to flaunt your robot-dance moves to (I can’t be the only one!!!!)

8.  Oops! …I Did It Again by Britney Spears:

Don’t judge me, please, hear me out for a bit—we all have our guilty pleasures, and early 2000’s music is mine. Whether it’s boy bands, cartoon theme songs, or even Tamer Hosny, we all have our guilty pleasures. This is one of the songs I feel like I was born knowing all the lyrics to, which is another added bonus.

9.  Golden Days by Panic! At The Disco:

P!ATD is just my all-time favorite, so while there might be a certain bias from my side of things, but holy guacamole! For everyone that likes a bit of rock, a great beat, and awesome music, P!ATD will always meet your expectations and more. Their music is always so profound, so deep and so perfect.

10.  Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake:

I mean, everyone knows and loves this song! We’ve heard it a million times, and we’ll hear it a million more. It’s 2016’s Happy, and quite frankly I can’t stop the feelin’, so I’ll just dance, dance, dance…

What do you think?

Do you have any favorite songs that should have made the cut? Are any of these already on your list? Would you be adding any of them? Leave us your favorite songs to jam to in the comments below!