Written by Lama El-Najdi

Music… puts your thoughts into words and melodies.

Music has so much power that it moves you and motivates you. It puts your thoughts into words and melodies. Music is the reassurance that you aren’t alone, and that someone out there gets how you feel. Music is a universal language that we, from all around the world, speak, and can relate to. While we don’t particularly understand all the songs in the world – language barrier, and all – we can still feel the tone in the artist’s voice, and feel the song very deeply in our hearts. Today I bring you a selection of my favorite international music that I don’t understand a word of, but they make my heart do dances, twirls and backflips.

1. Jesse & Joy La De La Mala Suerte (Spanish)

This song was my introduction to international music, and I can sing the chorus word-for-word. The lead’s voice just hits a nerve of mine, and I relate to the song in ways I don’t even fathom. The irony is that I don’t understand the lyrics, but I don’t need to understand what she’s saying to feel the hurt (also it’s just too much of a hassle translating it lol)

2. Edith Piaf La Vie En Rose (French)

Okay, I lied. This is definitely the first international song I’ve ever heard. It’s just a classic that everyone will instantly fall in love with, if they haven’t already. French music always dawns on me with a false sense of elegance. When I listen to this song in particular, I feel like I’m at some Parisian café, sipping on herbal tea, and munching on macarons. P.S. There are so many different covers and versions of this song – one is in English here.

3. ZAYN Intermission: Flower (Urdu)

As a former One Direction fan, I naturally had to listen to Zayn’s album when it got released. I heard this one, and was very proud of Zayn, because in spite of his vast international success, he still remained true to his Pakistani roots and origins. The song is beautiful, and his voice is as soft and gentle as ever.

4. B2ST [BEAST] SHOCK (Korean)

I know nothing about K-Pop, but I was introduced to this song in 8th grade, when we had arranged choreography to this song, and let’s just say these were dark, dark days. This song brings back so many memories; we would play it in class when the teacher leaves, and just sing whatever. While I don’t think my memories and nostalgia can travel through text, I can only hope that you at least enjoy this catchy tune.

5. Alaa Wardi Evolution of Arabic Music [Song Mashup] (Arabic)

I absolutely had to add an Arabic song, but there are just so many great ones, and this in particular compiles all songs from my childhood into one. Alaa did a fantastic job with this mash-up; his choice of songs is flawless. I can listen to this ‘song’ all day. He has a beautiful voice, and how he transitions to different times through different outfits was a nice touch.

What do you think?

What are some of your favorite international songs? Which one is your favorite from our selection? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂