Written by Islam Hafez

"Josh Tillman might look like a hipster Jesus, but he's more very naughty boy than Messiah” -NME.
“Josh Tillman might look like a hipster Jesus, but he’s more very naughty boy than Messiah” -NME.

Hello Everyone, I hope you had enjoyed my first album review the week before; David Bowie – BlackStar (One Last Punch). This album is angry, witty, absurd, disillusioned, cynical and hurts a lot! And If you’re a Sufjan Stevens’ or even The Beatles’ fan, you’re certainly going to love Josh Tillman’s acoustic guitar and sweet voice.

This perfect piece of art is by Father John Misty, whos also known as Josh Tillman. As an indie rock/indie folk singer/songwriter, J. Tillman’s lyrics are both absurd and pretty straightforward when it comes to talking about relationships, starting with “mascara, blood, ash and cum on the Rorschach sheets where we make love”, and the love of his life “going down more than a blow-up doll” and ending with “dreaming about kissing his brother. You know, just the everyday stuff, yeah?


1. “I Love You, Honeybear”:

This one’s probably among my top 3 songs ever. It’s so brilliant and original. It’s about his wife, Emma, who stars in “Nancy from now on” video. I think that the message I got is to find someone who shares the same dark view of the world as you; “cynics attract” as they say.

I’ve got my mother’s depression, you’ve got your father’s scorn, and Wayward aunt’s Schizophrenia
My love, you’re the one I wanna watch the ship go down with

These two quotes are just some of the beautifully, witty lines that will get their way into your ear and right to your heart. “I Love You, Honeybear” lyrics really prove that even at his most romantic moments, John will always find a way to express his love only by framing it in the darkest circumstances possible. And don’t get me started with the video!

2. “Bored in the USA”:

As I once read on the internet, its also called the anthem of the disillusioned millennials. It’s all about modern narcissism, or at least thats what I think! It’s more like a social commentary, or even satire, that attacks the social Ideal that tells us to watch each other disintegrate, with bitter lyrics like save me President Jesus, and they gave me a useless education.

He’s questioning the American Dream, asking “Is this part where I get everything I ever wanted? And If so can I get my money back?, which of course is met with a cold laugh from the audience.

3. “Holy Shit”:

A genuinely black comedy song that’s about the downfall of mankind, and reason to agree with deconstructing love, with its delirious climax at
Love is just an institution based on human frailty…. Maybe love is just an economy based on resource scarcity. OUCH!

4. “Strange Encounter”:

Here, J. Tillman gets some kind of a revelation after a near-death overdose. Also, that psychedelic guitar solo was so unexpected! And the drum work is so cool, dude! With lyrics like the moment you came to me I swore I would change, the song got more emphatic.

5. “When You’re Smiling and Astride Me”:

“I can hardly believe I have found you, and I’m terrified by that” that line is so awesome that it kills me!

So what do you think?

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