Written by Yehia O

The spontaneous sketching whilst listening to Nude
Spontaneous sketching whilst listening to Nude

“Don’t get any big ideas, they’re not gonna happen” is how Thom Yorke, the lead man of the band “Radiohead”, starts off the song “Nude”.  I am a huge Radiohead fan, although it wasn’t always like that.  Like some people, I am most likely to be put off by over-hypes and overrated trends, especially when I can see it includes the vast majority of those around me, and they do not seem to have a satisfying reason to why they’re following these trends.  I first heard of them around 2008, through a couple of friends who seem to be very into them. I’d randomly ask them said friends what are they listening to, and the answer was always Radiohead for quite a while.  After the longer than anticipated interval of listening to them, I believed my friends were completely hooked on a new trend, the Radiohead trend.  That is what started to put me off of them, even though I never really gave them a fair chance.  To top it off, I was in my room one day, when my sister came in, and asked me if I ever heard of Radiohead, I said that I have, but I haven’t listened to them, she asked me If I knew their Song “Karma Police”, of course I wasn’t familiar with it, my interest to even give them a go was decreasing drastically because of the overhype.  So I never really listened to them, at all.

The band Radiohead
The Band Radiohead

2 years later, in 2010, I was cruising around with a friend, who shared a similar taste in music, and it started playing, we were talking most of the time, so I never really paid attention to what’s playing and didn’t really care much about it. Till “Nude” started playing, capturing my attention the instant it was on, and the conversation started to fade off in the background, switching places with it. I was mesmerized throughout the whole song. As soon as it was over, I asked my friend who was the band playing, to my surprise, they were Radiohead. Besides the fact that I felt like a moron for missing out on them that whole time, the song was incredible. I rarely like more than the recommended songs for a certain musician or a band, but when I do, it happens for various reasons, Radiohead gave me more reasons than I could ask for.  The song “Nude” has an undeniably huge magnitude of emotional value, in various directions, almost as if it mimics the listener’s overall mental and emotional status; if one is feeling rather jolly, the song turns a little sarcastic, even hilarious at times, complementing his/her mood. That was my first interpretation to the song, that it’s hilarious, even though if anyone would listen to it, the song’s overall direction feels rather gloomy. I found it hilarious because I related it to the common male reaction when hearing the word “Nude”; a momentarily excitement and interest, that there is some nudity coming ahead somehow, even though it’s a song and there’s no visual component. The first line of the song is “Don’t get any big ideas, they’re not gonna happen”…As if Thom knew that that’s what I’d think, or anyone else in my position would, it’s almost as if he’s saying “ Forget about it, pervert!

Today, I’m the one who always listens to Radiohead and somewhere I’ve put off someone from listening to them.


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