Guest contribution by Passant Ahmad

The flicker of a candle that guides you when the light is out

The courage that pushes you through the way even though you can barely see anything 

The hope that grows in your heart despite how cold it is in there

The people whose souls make yours feel lighter even though you couldn’t lift it out of bed

The people whose souls feel like home

The light at the end of the tunnel

Your lover’s warm smile after a tough day, his hands stroking yours so softly that you could swear his light transferred to you through his fingertips

When you feel yourself falling deeper in love, but for the first time you’re not scared of falling, for the first time you’re not afraid to hit the ground because his ground is made of soft rose petals and tenderness 

Your niece’s ‘I love you’s

Your best friend’s hug as she whispers in your ear that she’ll always be there for you

Anything and everything that makes your life worthwhile.