Love Poem

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Guest Contribution by Passant Ahmad.

Everyone who knows me knows I never write about love

All my writings are sad; all my writings are dull 

To express how dimmed my eyes have become

How colorless my soul grew to be

All my writings are hopeless to express how drained my body has become 

From searching for light and never finding it

But when you came around everything changed

When you came around I started writing about love 

With colorful pens on pink paper

When you came around I started writing about love 

With glimmering eyes and a cheerful smile

When you came around you gave my writings a meaning 

My life a purpose

So from now on you’ll be the hidden meaning behind every metaphor 

The music of every poem and the harmony between each word

From now on I’ll always write about love; about you

I’ll write about how you’re so passionate that music loves when you play it

I’ll write about how you’re so strong that you inspire trees to stand still

I’ll write about how you’re so kind that pillows learn softness from you

I’ll write about how you’re so magical that stars get jealous of you 

I’ll write about how everything about you is so beautiful that it makes the moon look bad

I’ll never get tired of writing about you

I’ll write about how one look into your eyes can make me see the future

And my world starts sparkling the way your eyes do

I’ll write about how every gesture of yours makes me feel;

Your smile is my stairway to heaven, your laugh makes me dance with the angels 

Your hug warms my once freezing soul, I feel found in your arms

Your kiss flies me to the moon and never lets me fall back down

Holding your hands strengthens my heart and makes me willing to fight anything

From now on my writings will be as lively as you make me feel

As bright as the room is with you in it 

And as hopeful as life seems through your eyes

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