Dear CairoContra fans & readers,

I would like to start by personally thanking each and every one of you who supported & kept their faith in us; to all those who sent us messages asking where we are and that we must come back, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When CairoContra closed down, we were just a fun blog, a college student’s hobby, now we are a variety online magazine, and we wouldn’t be anywhere near here without your encouragement.

The road to this new beginning was no easy one. We scoured Cairo for original thinking and genuine young people willing to share and write with a fun spirit, while keeping it real. My goal was to find the passion behind the words, young people willing to be all they can be. People who find life in creativity, people who are emotionally invested in what they write and not just working for the boss. Young people who realise their voice & thoughts can echo a generation.

As cliché as it sounds we want the magazine to be by youth for youth

Through the magazine you’ll find topics covering fashion, beauty, music, street style, art, book & movie reviews, sports, college life, real talk, teen’s life, international cultures, perspectives of the couch potato, fiction, even a section for Al Saraya Al Safra (the mad house) that we live in and there’s still more to come. The Contra Talents are young people between the age of 13 to 30 uniting from all over Cairo to bring their passion(s) to you [We say all over and we mean it, you have no idea how hard it is to get them geographically in one spot!]

The one thing they have in common: a soul ignited with talent & flare

There were tough moments I admit, but all doubt was washed away when I started the interviews and got to know these people we now call our Contra Team. I’d dreamt that CairoContra would be the place where young talents come to find their wings, their exposure and hopefully a brighter future. As the interviews went on, selection became harder, but my decision became more resilient – I realised I wanted CairoContra for them as much as I wanted it for me.

I thank our fans, readers, writers & contributors from the bottom of my heart for connecting with CairoContra. We look forward to walking the journey with you. I want and will welcome your feedback and input. I just want CairoContra to be the very best and as real as it can be.

Once again, Welcome to CairoContra.

Best Regards,

Mariem ELTagoury

Founder & Editor-in-chief